Friday, July 15, 2016

The Risks of Today's World

    We used to live in a world where the people who feared for their lives every day were police officers, those in the military, and firemen. It is not good we worried about them and that their lives were on the line every time they walked out the door but, that was the risk of the profession they chose.

     We used to live in a world where parents feared for their children's lives when they were not with them, and when they learned to drive.

      We used to live in  world where we worried sometimes about our loved ones falling ill and leaving us. Of course it was not a daily concern but one that was there.

      We now live in a world where everyone fears for their lives. We live in a world where being a teacher is dangerous. You never know when someone might flip out and harm those inside a school building. For years postal workers feared for their lives every day. It doesn't matter what profession you are in anymore, even working in a fast food restaurant is a risk.

     We now live in a world where illness and dangerous jobs are not the only times we worry about ourselves or our loved ones. The murder in Paris on July 14, 2016, the June 12, 2016 Florida Nightclub murders, the April 15, 2013 bombing at the Boston Marathon, the many school shootings, fast food and mall shootings,  and several other murders over the years have shown us that we must watch our backs no matter what we do. The people in Paris were simply having a good time, celebrating and without warning their lives were taken from them. The people in the Florida nightclub were dancing and having fun, those at the Boston Marathon were watching a race. Those in schools were educating and learning and the other victims of mass murders were living their lives. None of these people were in what we used to think of as dangerous situations but the situation they were in became dangerous in an instant, without warning.

     We now live in a world where just walking out your door is a risk. Getting sick or in a car wreck is not the biggest risk people are under in this world today. Living is. It is sad, it is heartbreaking. Of course we can't live in fear every day or the terrorists would win. Yes terrorist, anyone who takes the lives of others is a terrorist. I do not care who they are affiliated with, they are a terrorist in today's world. They can't win. Yes just walking out your door is a risk but we still must walk out that door, smile, be happy and live our lives. Most important is that we appreciate those we love, cherish them and enjoy them every day.

     We used to live in a world that was safer and a world where every day tasks were not a fear, that is not the world we live in now so make the best of every day.