Saturday, July 23, 2016

Birthday Meals Keeping it Light

     I have been posting a lot of deep stuff lately. I decided it was time to just write something fun, to keep it light.
      When my boys were young I always made them a special birthday meal. They each got to pick what they wanted to eat that day or as they got older and we were busy on their birthday's we picked a night and they got their birthday meal then. As the years have gone by my youngest no longer has a favorite meal he wants me to make for him but my oldest has wanted the same thing for several years.

     I can't remember all of the meals my sons wanted but I do recall one of them wanted hot dogs with mashed potatoes on them for his meal one year. Then another year one of them wanted beans and wieners. The meals that stick out in my mind most though are enchiladas
and egg rolls.

     My oldest son has asked for egg rolls since he was around 15 years old. They are a lot of work but I always made them for him until the last couple of years. I just did not get to it. So this year 6 months after his birthday I finally made egg rolls for my son.

     They are very good and I hope he enjoys them.