Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dissapointnemt in Disney: Tower of Terror Becomes Guardians of Galaxy

    I had heard rumors several months about that Tower of Terror in Disney's California Adventure Park was going to change to Guardians of the Galaxy but did not think Disney would be that stupid or cheesy. I even called Disney and asked and they said it would't happen in the near future if it was going to happen. Well, sadly today they announced that it is happening. Tower of Terror will now be Guardian of the Galaxy. Words can't even begin to express how angry and upset this makes me.

      I have not seen Guardians of the Galaxy because I am sick of superhero movies. Yes Batman was good and Superman too. Antman was funny but they do not belong at Disneyland. DC comics are cheap and cheesy looking. I just cannot believe Disney would do something like this to a popular attraction.

     Of course we are all creatures of habit and sometimes change is difficult. But sometimes there are changes that are unbelievable and upsetting.

    When Disney decided to get rid of Golden Dreams I was sad, we loved that attraction but Little Mermaid is Disney and Golden Dreams hadn't been all that popular. So we accepted that and find that we love Little Mermaid.  Country Bear Jamboree was another attraction we were sad to see leave and we still miss it but at least they replaced it with Many Adventures of Pooh, which is Disney.

     Tower of Terror is a popular ride. People absolutely love it. Part of the charm is the theme. With the new attraction you will have to look at a bunch of creepy characters in boxes and follow an animal thing around.  Not for me!

     The Imagineers are losing their magic and their charm. I do not think Walt would like this at all. It does not have a magical feel. The entire DK thing just feels more like Universal Studios and well, we don't like it there. We don't go there. We go to Disney for Disney things.  Before we know it they will change Haunted Mansion into a Batman vs.Superman attraction and Splash Mountain will become something Avengers themed.

     Maybe Disney wants to run people off. They want to thin the crowds. Well if they keep adding crappy things like this they will succeed. While watching the video for the making of the new attraction it felt like everything Lillian Disney did not want for Disneyland or any of Walt's parks. It felt cheap and seedy. The idea of Marvel as any part of the Disney parks is cheap and seedy to me. Why don't they just open up a Marvel Land park of its own somewhere else and leave Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure Park alone.

I just heard of this petition that people can sign too....

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