Monday, December 17, 2018

Arsenic Kitchen is Back Better than Ever!!

      Last night...well this morning. (December 19, 2018)....I woke up at 3 AM and could not go back to sleep. I decided to check Facebook and see if it would put me to sleep. The first post I saw was Arsenic Kitchen's newest release, The Air that I Breathe! I was so excited! I have loved that song from the first time I heard it. It was so beautiful and dear to my heart that it brought tears to my eyes.

     In case you do not know who Arsenic Kitchen is, it is a band my oldest son Blake started in 2012. They were actually well on their way in 2014 but things happened and they did not move forward at that time. They have been away for awhile but now they are back with an amazing new lead singer!   I am glad that they took the time off because what they have now is the best sound ever!

     Their first song in many years is The Air that I Breathe. It is one that Blake wrote and had always said he would not release until he felt the time was right and the vocals were exactly what he wanted. It is a song that was near and dear to his heart. Well now it has been released and it is beautiful.

     I always told him I wanted him to find someone to sing it. It had to be just the right person. I even tried to find people who I thought would do it justice. Blake finally has someone on his side who has done it justice.

     I am very proud of my son, I am proud of his accomplishments and his perseverance. He did not give up when it seemed like things were going the wrong way. Music is a part of who he is and he has not let that go. I believe it is worth it and I believe that the new revived Arsenic Kitchen (AK) will go far!

    I am proud of Arsenic Kitchen! They are amazing!

     Please listen to the song on sound cloud. I  will attach the link. If you love it as much as I do like it, share it, like their Facebook Page, share it, and follow them for updates on their up coming album to be released in January.

The Air that I Breathe by Arsenic Kitchen

Photo property of Arsenic Kitchen

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Bohemian Rhapsody Rocked Me! Did it Rock You?

    I just read a review of Bohemian Rhapsody by Vanity Fair. The review said that the movie will not rock you and that it is barely watchable. Hmm I wonder what movie the critics watched? Were they just in a bad mood when they watched Bohemian? Do they just not like Freddie for some reason?

    All of the reviews I have seen by the movie goers have been that it is fantastic! Everyone I know who has seen it has loved it! I absolutely loved it! It was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I rant it up at the top as one of my favorite movies.

     They did an amazing job portraying Freddie and his musical walk to the top. The movie showed how he became the legend that he is. It did not focus on his death which was great! The focus was on his life and his flamboyant personality, talent and drive to do what he loved! He loved music and when he was dedicated to his music he did amazing things.

    I can't even find the words to describe how much I enjoyed this movie!

     I think the movie was fantabulous and I will be watching it again. I will also buy it when the movie comes out.

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Addictive and Deadly Power of Opiods They Discriminate Against No One and Can Kill the First Time

     Today as I scrolled through Facebook I saw a YouTube message from Eric Bollling about the loss of his son and the dangers of opioid use. I researched and found another video where he talks more in detail about the night his life changed forever.
Image result for opioids
    Mr Bolling speaks about how many people place a stigma on others for opioid use but that it does not discriminate. They are so dangerous and anyone can become addicted to them, anyone can die from them. It can be using them over a period of time or one time as with his son.

     The story in the attached videos is so sad.It made me think of my own personal experience with opioids and how easy it is to become addicted to these pills. I am not the kind of person who even I think might become addicted to them. I do not drink and never thought I would want to use artificial means to deal with life struggles. I  like to be in control of my actions. The thing with opioids is that you are somewhat in control, you just feel great as you do things.

      I did not let the addiction rule me or overcome me but I was addicted. Thankfully I recognized where it was heading and was able to stop taking them. But oh how easy it would be to get totally hooked.

     Back in 2011 I had knee surgery. I was given Percocet for pain. I am thankful for it because it helped with my pain. I took them for several weeks, I probably could have stopped taking them sooner but life was rough at the time, I was dealing with teenagers on my own and well, I felt stressed. My pain pills made me feel good. I had no clue they were going to make me feel so good emotionally.  I absolutely loved them! When I was tapering off and only taking them at night I looked forward to my night time pill.

     Finally the time came for me to ween off of them so my doctor cut me way back. I hated it and tried to tell him that I hurt and needed more but thankfully he told me that I could manage the pain with Tylenol. So finally I was done. I felt lost and missed them for a while but I also knew that I could not keep taking them.

     A few years later I had a severe toothache and my doctor prescribed Percocet. I did not fill it because I was afraid that I might not have the control it takes to use it only as directed. I knew how much I loved them and recognized the dangers of having that temptation around me.

     Recently I did fill a Loratab prescription because of tooth pain. I told myself that I could handle having it around. I took it for the pain and oh how I loved that feeling of euphoria. I only took them for the severe pain though. A couple of times and then I stopped.

     When I had some rough times recently I thought about them, how they would make me feel better but I told myself that is not the answer and refrained. But oh how easy it would be to just take them.I mean they are legal for me, they were prescribed for pain.

     When life gets rough, my mind wanders to the feeling of euphoria I get from opioids. I think of how easy it would be to just take a pill and feel better. But then I think of where that might take me and I do no want a pill to rule my life.

     I think of people who have let them take control and know how easy it is. I only took them for a short time and I still want them. So we really should not look down on people who become addicted. It can sneak up on you without you even realizing what is happening. It can knock on your door many times and force you to close that door time and time again. As Mr. Bolling says they do not discriminate, anyone can become addicted. I did simply because I needed meds after surgery.

    During those times when I think of artificial ways to stop emotional pain I talk to my friends but mostly I pray. I ask anyone who struggles with these pills, please get help, find ways to battle these demons. I know for many people it is not as easy as it was for me to stop taking them or refrain from taking them. It is next to impossible for some people but it can be done if you lean on others.To those who know people who are addicted, love the addict, understand and help them because you never know when the person addicted to them might be you.

     I hope you watch the attached videos. There are good messages in them. As a mom my heart aches for Mr. Bolling. I appreciate what he is doing by speaking out. His son was not addicted, he died the first time he took them so you never know how and when they might kill.

Eric Bolling on Opoids

Eric Bolling Speaking out at loss of son

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Noah's Potato Head Playhouse and More

     My little grandson loves to tell stories, he also loves to watch recordings of himself so I decided that we would record his little shows and share them with others. He gets some of his ideas from the videos he watches on youtube and mixes them with his own stories. He started this at 5 years old but has told stories since he could talk.

     He started out telling stories about his potato head toys but it has evolved into Thomas the Tank Engine stories, Ooblek play time and more...

     I will use this blog to post his video creations so you will see new additions as they are created. Enjoy the creations from Noah's Potato Head Playhouse and more.

    Just follow the links to his stories

     Thomas the Tank Engine Crash Set 

     Star Wars Mini Potato Head

     Noah's  Disney Potato  Head Story

     Pirate Potato Head

     Ooblek with Noah

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Star Wars Mini Potato Head Toys by Playskool

     Here is another addition of my grandsons Potato Head fun. He just loves to make his little video shows.

    This show is poorer quality because my camera was stolen at Disneyland this year and I had to use my phone It does not have the good quality that my phone has. But Noah is still adorable and his little show is cute.

    Star Wars Potato Head Minis

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Noah's Potato Head Playhouse Fun

     My grandson has started some potato head videos on youtube. They are cute and fun. I noticed that he watches a lot of videos of kids just playing with their toys and decided he might as well have some fun with it.

    Noah is very outgoing and a little theater kid. He is not at all shy so had no trouble with his video's. He had a lot of fun making them.

     I hope you enjoy them. The first one is from some Disney Potato Head parts my sons and I got several years ago at DCA. You paid one price and filled the back of the spud with different parts and also put as many as your could in your box.

     The other video is of Noah's Playskool Pirate Spud.

     The last video is of Noah's Potato Head story. There will be more stories to come...

Mr Potato Head Disney Spuds

Mr. Potato Head Pirate Spud

Mr Potato Head Disney Story by Noah


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Look at Yourself Through Others Eyes:The Eyes of Love

We are always hardest on ourselves, at least I am. I am never good enough, I am never satisfied with how I look. I envision myself looking like I did when I was young and pretty but then I look in the mirror and no longer see that person. I look at old pictures and see pretty but the ones that are taken in the present day make me want to cry and shy away from the camera. But people who love me tell me I am beautiful. I think to myself when they say that "are you blind?". But as I have been thinking about this lately I realize that they see me through the eyes of love.

When I was a young child and my grandma was not even as old as I am now I thought she was beautiful Of course she was "old" to me but always beautiful. As she aged, and I did too, I still saw her as beautiful. I still saw her in the same way at 80 as I did when she was in her 40's. She was beautiful to me, even in pictures when I look back she is beautiful. I remember her saying she looked old and ugly in pictures but she did not care. She smiled and she was happy and to those who loved her she was beautiful until the day she passed away.

It is the same with my own mom. When I was a kid I always thought she was one of the most beautiful women I knew. As she aged and said how old and ugly she looks I still saw, and still see, a beautiful woman. That is who I see when I look at my mom. She might see old and ugly but that is not who she is, it is not what those who love her see.

As I was saying how I wished I was pretty again I had a friend tell me that I was still beautiful. I told him that he was wrong and had not seen me in a while.He told me that it is not up to me to say whether or not I am beautiful.Others see me that way and I don't have the right to tell them they are wrong, that me beautiful is not what they see. That made so much sense because those who love me see me through different eyes. Those who love me see me through the eyes of love. This was comforting and made me realize that we are hardest on ourselves in every aspect of life even our appearance.

I finally realize that those who say I am still beautiful are not lying, they still see me that way. They look at me through eyes of love. So I am going to work hard on looking at myself through the eyes of those who love me. It will take some time to change my mindset but I need to be on my way, it may take some time but I need to look at myself through others eyes, to look at myself through the eyes of love.