Saturday, January 30, 2016

Online Job Search Sites: How You Present Yourself on Social Media Strongly Impacts Your Hireability

   I belong to a few different Help Wanted sites on Facebook. They are great places to aid in the hunt for a job. Many businesses use these sites to help them find employees. I have noticed lately though that they are turning into places for people to ask for handouts but mostly I notice the lack of professionalism on the part of those looking for work. If I were searching for someone to hire I would not hire many of the people on these sites because they present themselves poorly.

     The  use of "text" talk and lack of grammar is one thing that would deter me from hiring someone. If you are too lazy to type out please and thank you then well, I would find you are too lazy to work. I understand that texting can be a pain and many are posting from their phones but, this is a place to present yourself for hire, make sure you present yourself as someone who is worth hiring. I wouldn't hire someone to work in my office if they either couldn't spell simple words like clothes. Yes I've seen people spell clothes as close. That is a grade school word and well if you don't know how to spell it, look it up. 

     If I were looking on this site to hire someone I would also go to their personal Facebook page to see what kind of person they are. Personally I would not hire many of these people because they are very foul mouthed and vulgar on their personal wall. Yes it is their wall but if they want to be hired for a position they apply for on an online Help Wanted site, they should either clean up their Facebook wall or adjust their settings so the employers can't see their wall. It is their wall and they do have a right to it but, it also says who they are and well, you would not walk into a job interview using vulgar language expecting that place to hire you so, don't put yourself out there on social media expecting that you will be hired. Most respectable businesses will pass right on by.

    The thing that has been bothering me the most is how people are using these sites to ask for help. Granted we all need help from time to time but using a site where people are looking for work or businesses are looking for someone to employ is not the place to ask for things such as food, clothes etc while also asking for a job. You would not walk into a job interview and ask for them to give you food and shelter. 

     Social media is the world we live in today and it is a great tool for many things. It is a helpful way for people to look for a job and a way for employers to weed through prospective employees. So with this in mind, remember that you are selling yourself to the employers by putting yourself out there. Don't present yourself as a hardship case, don't present yourself as ignorant and don't present yourself as vulgar. Present yourself  as someone they would deem as a beneficial addition to their business.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Multitasking: Something's Always Left Undone

     I am a multi tasker-I can make dinner, clean house, write and used to even help kids with homework-all at the same time. Sometimes I can't physically do all of those things at the same time however my mind is constantly multi-tasking. For instance as I write this blog I am thinking of all the other things I need to be doing. This ability can be extremely helpful and also mentally frustrating.

     When my kids were younger I worked and was attending college online so I had to cook, help them with their work, complete my school assignments and clean house all at the same time. Yes it is possible to do all of those things at the same time. You simply start dinner, have the computer  logged into the classroom , the kids at the table and dust rag in hand. When there is a break during meal prep you work on an assignment while answering kids questions. Before going in to check on the meal, you dust a thing or two.

     Even when I am not physically able to do all of these things at the same time, for instance a meal requires that I stir the food or complete each task before moving to another, I am still thinking of all the things I need to do.

     This is one of the downsides, I have to keep a paper and pen nearby to jot down what my mind is thinking so that I don't forget what is next. It is very frustrating and stressful at times because my mind seems to always be on "what's next" instead of "what's now." It isn't something I do on purpose, it just comes naturally to be that way. I am writing this blog and thinking about cleaning my house at the same time. I know I can't physically do both at the same time so my body feels stressed out much of the time. I guess maybe that is where the saying "I wish there were two of me." comes into play. I wish there were ten of me so I could accomplish all that I need to and all that my mind is thinking about.

     I think the ability to multi task is wonderful, I love being able to focus on more than one task at a time  and to accomplish several things
at the same time. However it is also very hard, I always feel unaccomplished and like there's something I need to do. I am never truly able to relax and feel accomplished because in my mind there is always something left undone.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Beautiful Baby Needs Your Vote!

     My friends beautiful granddaughter needs your vote. She has been entered into a baby contest and if she wins will be featured on The Tribune 2015 Baby Calendar.

     My friends daughter entered her little girl in this contest because she is so beautiful and has such a happy personality. Her personality is visibly seen in the photo that you will be voting on.

     So please all of my blogging friends, follow this link and help Alivia become the 2015 Cover Baby!


Register, it is easy, and vote here
Once you are logged in go to page 3 to find her..

Why I Hate the F Word

     Many people from my generation hate the F word, personally I have several reasons for hating the word but mostly I think it is for the same reason many others my age or older hate it. Granted a lot of people my age use the word because it has become more socially acceptable to use, however there are people, like myself, who still hate the word and do not find it socially acceptable. Some might consider those who hate it a bit prudish but being a “prude” is not the only reason many people my age or older hate the word.

     I did use the word in my teen years, I am not proud of it but I did. I didn't use it a lot though. I have used it in my adult life when I’ve been pushed to in anger beyond words and that word came out of my mouth. I am not proud of myself for using the word for any reason and can say thankfully that I have not used it often. I only have used it when I let myself get out of control.

     My kids are of the newer generation in which the word has become more or less just a part of some people’s daily language. The word is still not acceptable in certain social situations and is considered a curse word even though many use it as a regular part of their language.

    This article is not for me to judge those who use it or rationalize their reason for using the word. It is to explain why I hate the word and maybe why others my age hate the word too.

     My sons are always saying “mom it’s just a word, it really has no meaning.” I wonder then why people use it in anger or as a filler word if it is just a word and has no meaning.  Why use a word that has no meaning?

     I also used to believe that unintelligent or illiterate people used it in place of any other word because they were not intelligent enough to find a better word but, I’m finding that even intelligent people use the word in today’s society. That baffles me to no end because I find it to be such an ugly word.

    So why don’t I like the word, why do I hate it so much? The simple reason is when I was younger the word was mostly used if people were so angry that they just could not find another word, it was used when people wanted to think of something, anything in its most vulgar form. But the main use for the word was to talk about making love in a vulgar way.  It made the act of making love vulgar; people used it when they were using sex in the most vulgar form. Movies used it that way and many people did. If a guy wanted to use a girl for sex he asked her if she wanted to F, it meant that he had no respect for her and that is all he wanted from her. When I grew up the word was not even in the dictionary. It is still not a true word it is actually slang but has evolved to mean several different things. 

     The word did have other meanings and was used in other contexts when I was younger too but mostly it was used in anger and in the most vulgar terms. 

     So if I cringe when I hear the word that is why. To me it still represents anything at its most vulgar or repulsive form. 

Vintage Deer Photo Plaque: Beautiful Addition to Any Decor

      I absolutely love the Vintage Deer Photo Plaque. The black and white contrast gives it a unique hue. Because of the woodland design this would fit a rustic decor. The black and white makes it fit a modern day decor and I can see it in a restroom or kitchen with its nature design.

     I used to have a completely black and white kitchen, this plaque would have fit perfectly there. In my new home it will fit best in my living room. I see it hanging on a wall above the mantle. I love how different color borders can be added to the design and would possibly add blue to mine so that will match with the black and white.

     I have a lot of pictures and paintings on my walls making the Vintage Deer Plaque a perfect fit. It will not take up a lot of room while adding that modern, natural feel.

     I can also see this plaque in my dining area and kitchen. My dining area is the best fit along with my spoon collection.

     Plaques are meant to enhance a decor and not take over. This plaque enhances without being overbearing. It is an excellent addition to any home.

     Vintage Deer Photo Plaque Buy here   
Art Plaques

Friday, January 8, 2016

El Yucko in Colorado

     I have this friend in California who has been sharing the rain they are having there from El Nino. I have enjoyed his vlogs because he is so funny and it is interesting to see what is going on in California. I absolutely love California and my friend, Anthony is so much fun to watch in his vlogs.

     Last night here in Colorado where I live, we had snow, we had lots of snow. We had more snow at one time than I have seen here in years. From 9 PM to 3 Am we had 10 " of snow fall. I woke up in the night shocked at how much snow we had. So I thought of my friends vlogs and decided to record a video of the snow we got to show him.  I decided to name ours El Yucko. It is wet, cold and yucky.

     Here is my video tribute to El Yucko for you my friend Anthony. I am not good at this vlogging thing, but it was for fun so  enjoy and many hugs to everyone.

     Click on the link to see the video.

     El Yucko in Colorado