Sunday, January 17, 2016

Why I Hate the F Word

     Many people from my generation hate the F word, personally I have several reasons for hating the word but mostly I think it is for the same reason many others my age or older hate it. Granted a lot of people my age use the word because it has become more socially acceptable to use, however there are people, like myself, who still hate the word and do not find it socially acceptable. Some might consider those who hate it a bit prudish but being a “prude” is not the only reason many people my age or older hate the word.

     I did use the word in my teen years, I am not proud of it but I did. I didn't use it a lot though. I have used it in my adult life when I’ve been pushed to in anger beyond words and that word came out of my mouth. I am not proud of myself for using the word for any reason and can say thankfully that I have not used it often. I only have used it when I let myself get out of control.

     My kids are of the newer generation in which the word has become more or less just a part of some people’s daily language. The word is still not acceptable in certain social situations and is considered a curse word even though many use it as a regular part of their language.

    This article is not for me to judge those who use it or rationalize their reason for using the word. It is to explain why I hate the word and maybe why others my age hate the word too.

     My sons are always saying “mom it’s just a word, it really has no meaning.” I wonder then why people use it in anger or as a filler word if it is just a word and has no meaning.  Why use a word that has no meaning?

     I also used to believe that unintelligent or illiterate people used it in place of any other word because they were not intelligent enough to find a better word but, I’m finding that even intelligent people use the word in today’s society. That baffles me to no end because I find it to be such an ugly word.

    So why don’t I like the word, why do I hate it so much? The simple reason is when I was younger the word was mostly used if people were so angry that they just could not find another word, it was used when people wanted to think of something, anything in its most vulgar form. But the main use for the word was to talk about making love in a vulgar way.  It made the act of making love vulgar; people used it when they were using sex in the most vulgar form. Movies used it that way and many people did. If a guy wanted to use a girl for sex he asked her if she wanted to F, it meant that he had no respect for her and that is all he wanted from her. When I grew up the word was not even in the dictionary. It is still not a true word it is actually slang but has evolved to mean several different things. 

     The word did have other meanings and was used in other contexts when I was younger too but mostly it was used in anger and in the most vulgar terms. 

     So if I cringe when I hear the word that is why. To me it still represents anything at its most vulgar or repulsive form.