Saturday, July 23, 2016

Small Town Mentality Destroying the United States Constitution

     Recently I posted my blog about the county I live in stomping on the United States Constitution. I posted it on a social media site in the area where I live, the area where this incident took place Cortez, Colorado. I received a lot of comments that were well thought out and supportive and then I received many which were judgmental and not so well thought out. Don't get me wrong, if someone disagrees or asks questions about something I do not deem that judgmental, it is when they out and out call you a liar I call them judgmental and rude. I also found that many in my area believe it is ok to violate the United States Constitution. They support the violations of the county and expressed that support. That made me sad and it made me see that type of "good ole' boy" thinking is what is destroying our country and it is also what is wrong with small towns and why they get away with whatever they want because the people are for it as long as it fits their idea of right.  I was also accused of bashing police officers and told that the post I had written was bashing officers. that accusation is so far from true.

     First I will address those who were rude, these people kept calling me a liar. They said things like "there's more to the story than she is telling." Well they are wrong, the story is pretty much told as it is. I did leave out the name of the morons (yes I call them that because well, that is how I see them) who called the police to begin with. I didn't post the police report but other than that it is what it is.But I did not post the story to give every small detail. I posted it to show how small town America is stomping on the constitution....

     The people in my town did not want to see that, they only read what they wanted to read. My son slid off of a narrow  road with an icy shoulder and got stuck in snow. Had it been summer he would have just went up the bank and out of the ditch. The police were only involved because that moron was mad that my son did not let him call a second tow truck. My son told the man he had one coming but the man called the police anyhow. The officer did not tell my son to get into his car, he did not accuse him of anything until after my son had been in his car for more than 10 minutes and used his inhaler while in the car. Officer smelled the alcohol, had my son do a breath test and he blew high. The people reading the article kept saying I was lying. They did not read the entire post.

     I will now address the issue of the post bashing the police. It did not in any way, shape or form bash law officers. We still are not mad at the police over this, not all of them. Yes maybe at the state patrol officer who arrested my son but not because he took him in. I suppose he did what he felt was right and might have used bad judgement. He is human. He should have waited a few minutes after my son used his inhaler to give the breath test. But he didn't. The main thing that really made us mad is that he still booked my son after he blew zero at the jail. We are not even mad at the officer because he denied my son a lawyer, he was going on what he has been told to do, even thought it is clearly a U.S. constitutional violation, the state of Colorado does try to say that you are not allowed an attorney if you are arrested for any kind of vehicular offense. At least that is what the Drivers License Bureau told me. However I had several attorneys say that can be fought and won in court and is a great defense in a DUI case. However back to the police officer in this incident, even though we don't feel he did right, we don't blame all officers and want to bash them because of that which is what some people were saying.

     The comments that got to me most of all were those who upheld the pre-trial drug sentencing. One lady gave a link to the article regarding when Clinton put this all into effect and wanted me to read it. Well, I don't care what Clinton did or wanted to do, the United States Constitution says you are innocent until proven guilty and pre-trail testing is a violation of that right. It violates a persons right to freedom and I found it sad that some people fight for the right to do this.

      Those who were being judgmental did not even care that my son could have died while in jail when they refused his medicine to him while he was having an asthma attack. They didn't care. That is the saddest part of it all in my mind.

      All of these things make me sad actually. It is sad that small town America has this type of mentality, I don't even think they would have cared had my son died in the jail. They would have still upheld the system.  I bet they won't be so narrow minded though when it happens to their loved one.

     I hope somehow that by spreading this story someone cares that the Constitution is violated in small town Colorado and steps in to make changes. We have tried but we can't afford to fix things. All we can do is tell the story and hope the right person cares and tries to make changes.

    Here is a link to the blog that made the community I live in so mad. ( I was going to call it my community but it isn't really. I live here but do not identify with the people who enjoy seeing our constitution violated)