Saturday, July 30, 2016

Struggle Finding the Right Person to Care About Our Constitution

     I wanted to update everyone on my sons case. If you do not know the story please check the link below. I didn't want those who know the story to have to read it again so I started this new post.

     We sent a letter to the Civil Liberties Department and their response is that they also do not handle this type of case. They suggest we find a private attorney. Well that has proved fruitless too as all of the lawyers I have spoken to tell us that they can't help because my son did not die. They say there are no real damages. I guess the fear of death while you are stuck in a jail cell for doing nothing wrong is not enough suffering, being made a prisoner in your own town for 4 months for doing nothing wrong is not enough. Having your constitutional rights violated because you slid off into a ditch after a snow storm and used your inhaler is not enough.

     I am still trying to find an attorney or someone who cares enough about our constitution, about our rights as citizens of this great country. The way Cortez Colorado handled this situation takes us bad so many years, it takes us back to the days of lynch mobs and killing just because you want to.

     I was told by one lawyer that we would have a case had my son died, if he had died then I would have people contacting me to sue. Well this is not just about money, and honestly all we want back is the money we are out for the court fees, bail, lawyer and pre trial sentencing costs. The reality is that my son so easily could have died. Someone having an asthma attack can die in minutes if denied their medicine. The jail knew he was having an attack, they withheld his medicine and medical treatment for 5 hours. That is a long time to sit in a cell thinking you might die, begging for the people to just give you medicine so you can breathe. Just so you can breathe! Why should it take them killing someone before people care? Don't get me wrong, I know that many people do care, in this instance I am talking about those who have the power to make changes.

     I won't give up on this, I won't stop looking for someone to take this case on because I have watched my son struggle to breathe, I have watched him almost die because he could not get his breath. It is a horrid thing to watch, and in my mind I can see him in that jail struggling to breathe, feeling like this straw is in his throat and it is being pinched together tighter and tighter. Begging someone to get him help, begging someone to just let him breathe. All he wanted to do was breathe, it is something most people take for granted, you just do it. To have someone deny you that right is wrong. But what is even more wrong is that unless you die, no one cares.

     I also won't give up on this because somewhere there has to be someone who cares that there are counties where people are sentenced before they are found guilty. This could happen to anyone, you do not have to be guilty to be arrested. I hope that someone, somewhere will care about our rights before they are all ripped from us.

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