Tuesday, July 19, 2016

People Know the Person I Want them to Know on Social Media

     Have you ever had that one person on Facebook who is always judgmental and always has something snotty to say? Or that person who thinks all your posts should be roses and sunshine? Well I've had many of those people and some have deleted me as a Facebook friend because I maybe expressed some frustration at things in life or maybe was a little negative at one time or another...or heaven forbid was having a rough time in life and vented.

     I no longer use Facebook for an arena to talk much about my personal life. What people know of me on Facebook is pretty much what I want them to know. I try not to put much out there, I don't say how I am really feeling about life and such. Those conversations as it were are for my private conversations. If I vent or rant on Facebook sometimes it is just to strike a conversation. Then other times it is just a "matter of thought." Most of the time what I say on Facebook isn't to be taken too seriously, I mean it is social media, it isn't life, it isn't real and all we are on there is well, like I said, what we want others to see and know.

     I recently had a "Facebook friend" and former colleague unfriend me I assume because she thought some of my posts were "negative" I was frustrated with technology and voiced that frustration. She commented on some of them and I joked back with her. However I found that she unfriended me. It is all good because we were really not friends anyhow and in all honestly I was not sure why I became her friend on Facebook.

     I am for the most part a private person, yes I write and I probably reveal more of my inner thoughts here on my blog than any other place. However for the most part I do not disclose my deepest thoughts, fears and dreams. Someday I do plan to write about them but for now they are mine and I'll keep them.

     I do like to vent on Facebook, my statuses are not always roses and sunshine. I find those posts rather boring and well, come on really, no ones life is sunshine and roses all of the time and to say it is to me is deceiving yourself. Don't get me wrong, if people want to post sunshine and roses all the time I have no problem with it. I don't have to read it, I can move on and if it makes them feel good then so be it, I am happy for them. I don't have to read the negative posts either, I can move on and if venting on Facebook helps someone make it through a rough day or a rough moment then I say let them vent! My point is that people for the most part are showing others what they want them to know and that is just fine.

     This post was not actually started to end on this note but, the way I see it is that some people feel so tortured inside, they need someone to hear them, they want someone to care. Even if they are the kind of person who always complains people should be kind and thoughtful because their venting and complaining might be the one thing that keeps them from jumping off a cliff or finding another way to end their own life. So the next time you see someone being negative on Facebook, either scroll on by, un follow them so you don't have to see it or maybe stop and think that is what they need to do to make it through the day. I know there have been times that my venting on Facebook has kept me sane.

     Now back to the reason for this post, the person who unfriended me on Facebook because I said some things she thought were negative...It is really not much of a loss to me and well, it make me see how petty other people can be and how thankful some are not a part of my real life friendships.