Sunday, July 31, 2016

Empty Words: I Didn't Mean to Hurt You

     When someone does something to hurt another person and they say "I never meant to hurt you." I wonder why they even bother saying that. Most of the time you hear it when one person cheats on another. I do not understand what runs through people's minds.

     To me if someone is cheating they are taking a chance on hurting the person they are cheating on. I mean come on now, do they really think once the other person finds out they will not be hurt? Do they think the other person will say 'Oh well, it is ok, I'm fine. I am not hurt that you betrayed my trust in you, you betrayed what we had and you betrayed me." Then they smile and say "I'm good, it's all cool, you can keep on cheating and I'll be ok with it" Seriously do these people think that is what the person they cheated on will say? Are they that self absorbed?

    When I hear someone say "I didn't mean to hurt you." I only hear them saying empty words to make themselves feel better. They don't care one bit about the person they hurt If they did they would not have cheated.

      Don't get me wrong, I am not talking about the person who makes a mistake and maybe cheats one time. I am talking about the habitual cheater. That person is not sorry and that person did mean to hurt the other or that person would not have cheated in the first place.