Monday, June 20, 2016

Appreciate a Good Thing Before it is Gone

     I have noticed that so many people don't appreciate what they've have. They are constantly complaining about their life and it is mostly related to their significant other.. I wish I could say that when I had a husband I didn't appreciate a good thing  but well, what I had was not worth keeping and I tried to appreciate it none the less. I get so upset when I see people angry at their "significant" other because maybe things are not perfect. They always want more, they are never satisfied with what they have.

     I tried to be satisfied with what I had when I was married. I was a good wife, kept the house clean, tried to keep meals on the table, took care of the yard and the kids. Sometimes I even worked outside the home to help him support me. I tried my best to make life perfect.

     What did I get back? I had an alcoholic who put his booze before anything else in life, even his own kids. I had someone who talked down to me all of the time. Someone who did not appreciate anything I ever did. Never told me, not even once that I looked nice. Never remembered my birthday, did not recognize me on any other holiday either. Simply put, I was nothing to him.

     I had a husband who was not a good father, he did not help with the kids at all. He got mad if I did things with and for the kids because it took away from him. He got mad if I did anything for myself, when I lost weight and bought new clothes he got mad and accused me of cheating. He made me feel like I was walking on egg shells all of the time and did the same thing to the kids. He got angry if I tried to hug him or hold his hand in public because "he didn't believe in PDA.."

     Even though I was treated that way, I tried very hard to make things work. I tried to make a good life for my kids and myself. I tried until I could try no more. So when I left he was sorry and realized that he did not appreciate a good thing when he had it but, it was too late. The damage was done, I was done and there was no way to repair things. That did not mean I did not still care, it just meant I was done. I was tired of not being appreciated.

     So as I watch people take each other for granted I think back on how hard I tried and I tried for twenty years but there came a point when I could try no more. So everything can come to and end if one person is getting nothing back. The person will eventually decide that they deserve better or that even nothing is better than being taken for granted and the person who was taking advantage will realize that they should have appreciated a good thing because it is gone.

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