Friday, June 10, 2016

Potatoes Share Everything

     While teaching my students how to create stop motion movies I learned that I love creating them myself. So, once summer came I decided to just play around and create some of my own. The actual shots took me around an hour to take. Putting it together did not take near as long.

     I plan to write up a Power Point on creating a stop motion movie. I am going to create a lesson plan to go along with it.

     This project meets so many learning objectives. Students begin with an idea and turn that idea into a presentation. They use their creative thinking, and problem solving skills. Students also will use writing, math and reading skills. Their vocabulary is enhanced and they learn how to present their movie too. I am excited to create this lesson or rather extend the lesson I created for my gifted and talented students already.

     The power point presentation will help those who want to teach a stop motion lesson and also help those learning how to make a stop motion movie. You can use just about anything to create one, all you really need is imagination and determination because the picture taking process does become a bit tedious.

    This movie, Potatoes Share Everything is just a fun look into well, Potato Heads sharing ...just about everything. It has some flaws but it is just for fun. I will create some more professional movies soon...

     Music is by my son Blake Miller
     GSS was a perfect fit for this show.

     Potatoes Share Everything by Kim E. Miller