Friday, June 10, 2016

Elementary Students Stop Motion Movies

     I teach gifted ed and this was my first year at my new job. I am so proud of my students who created some amazing stop motion movies. At the first of the year they watched a claymation/stop motion movie that students at another school created. This was near Halloween mind you. They came up with ideas and then spent the better part of the year making them come to life. I will tell in more detail how to create a stop motion movie, or at least how we did, later on. This post is about my students movies.

     It was a lot of work. One of my student, DL, experienced many issues with the Movie Maker program but she prevailed and made it work. The sounds are what gave her issues. She would put them in one spot, then when she added another sound they would all jump around. Finally she wrote all the sound timings down and I fixed it on my computer. She never gave up though, she would try and try only to have it jump on her. I think her movie Lexi turned out great!

     My other student JB didn't have any glitches but we sure learned how hard it is to get fishing line to tie around clay. The clay is heavy and the line just cuts right through it. She was finally able to make her characters fly though. She never gave up.

     The other students didn't really hit any obstacles. We just all found that creating clay people is time consuming, but the actual movie editing is even more time consuming.

     This blog has been created to share my students movies. They call their production company DR. AJ the DJ which they created using the first letter of their first and last names. Very inventive fifth grade kids. I would sometimes forget they were only ten years old.

     Now kick back and enjoy the creations of DR. AJ the DJ Productions

DR AJ the DJ Productions Presents