Sunday, April 24, 2016

Giving Pedophiles Access: The Problem With Shared Restrooms

     It doesn't matter  how you feel about opposite gender people using the same public restrooms, no matter what end of the issue you are on, if you care about the youth of today and their safety you will see that it is wrong. This idea puts young children in danger from predators in so many ways. It is not even a moral issue, it is a safety issue that must be addressed.

     Allowing males to enter the female bathroom opens the door to pedophiles being able to enter a restroom of the opposite gender. A pedophile can now just claim to be transgender and viola he enters the girls bathroom. Inside that restroom are young girls, they are someones daughters and they are put in danger because businesses allow males to enter female restrooms.

     This same issue can possibly happen in a male restroom too. A female pedophile claims to be transgender and enters the boys restroom only to prey on the innocent boys using that restroom. Those boys are someones sons.

     If people do not think this is going to happen they they have their heads in the sand. They are blind and they need to wake up before someone's daughter or son is molested while using a public restroom. Is it that important to transgender people to pee in the restroom they feel is their right gender? Really do they want to put innocent children at risk? Do they care more about where they urinate than about the path they pave for perverts?  Pedophiles are wicked, they are evil and they will take advantage of any situation to fill their craving for young people. They look just like everyone else too, they can look like you or like me, they can even dress as a different gender to gain entrance to their victims restroom. They do not care and this will happen now that they have this new freedom.

     So please people, stop and think about the young innocent children who are being placed at risk by allowing males into female restrooms and females into males. It opens way too many doors that should remained closed.