Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Haunting Tumbleweeds on Old Highway 666

     Recently my aunts, my mom and I went to Phoenix, Arizona. We encountered some very strong winds along the stretch of Hwy 491 which is the old Highway 666. Some thought it was the Devil's highway back when it was named 666. I wonder if maybe there are ghosts in those tumbleweeds out there to haunt people as they travel on what used to be a doomed highway. I mean think about it, how can a name simply change a highway from being evil to good. I mean the highway doesn't know that the name change should make it good.

     So on this day as we traveled along, the winds blew ferociously and those tumbleweeds traveled across the highway, the old Devil's Highway, at high speeds. They appeared to be in more of a hurry than we were to get out of that wind. But then maybe that wind was a part of the curse of the highway...Oh wait, it is everywhere though, not just along the old 666. So maybe, just maybe that name has nothing to do with the wind...

     Of course I jest, I know that the wind has nothing to do with the name of the highway and the tumbleweeds are not moving to get out of the wind. But that made it more exciting than saying "hey watch this video of the horrid winds in New Mexico." So, enjoy the wind.

Tumbleweeds on Old Triple 6