Sunday, March 6, 2016

Too Much Strolling on Facebook Lately

     As I was scrolling through Facebook and looking back at my own posts today I noticed that it is slowly just becoming a place for advertising and forwarding. People, at least the people on my wall, rarely communicate with each other anymore. It isn't that they don't have time because I see that they are on Facebook forwarding etc, they just aren't commenting. When I worked for a writing site they called that strolling and it was against our site rules. Of course they can't make it against Facebook rules but it is my wish that people start communicating instead of strolling.

     Don't get me wrong, I like that we can advertise things we do on Facebook, I love that there are forwards and neat things to look at. What makes me sad is that it seems like that is all it is about anymore though. Yes some people still do actually communicate there and actually post things that are going on in their lives but the majority of the site is advertising and strolling..

     Ok so I will explain is just like when you stroll in real life, you just walk on by something and click this mindless "like" and move on to something else without really knowing what you liked. You just strolled on by. I have been guilty of that too and am trying very hard to try to really see what people are writing and to communicate.

     The reason I thought of this today was I was looking through my own Facebook wall and noticed if I post about my life or family etc I get very few comments, if any, and the ones I do get are from people I talk to on a regular basis in real life. If I were to post something controversial though many of those who don't even acknowledge I exist would be on top of it and putting in their two cents worth for sure. But otherwise they stroll on by. That makes it all seem so impersonal and sad to me.

     I have noticed when I stroll on Facebook it is very boring. I find that I waste a lot of time just strolling along not really benefiting at all from what I see nor staying in touch with what is going on in the lives of my friends and loved ones and well, that is what Facebook is supposed to be about, that is why I joined.

     I plan to communicate more on Facebook since that is why I joined it. I won't be on there every day communicating because life keeps me busy but I am not going to just stroll either. Sometimes I might stroll by and like things if I'm killing some time but when I am serious about it I will communicate. I hope others do the same. It will make Facebook a lot more fun.