Sunday, February 28, 2016

Facebook Becoming Impersonal

     I can't even remember when I joined Facebook but it was long ago. I had never joined Myspace because it was such a superficial site but when Facebook came along I found it to be a great place to find and stay in touch with old friends. The tides have turned though and I find that Facebook is not as interesting or as fun as it used to be. It is becoming an extremely superficial and boring place lately. It seems like people don't use it to communicate anymore which is what I used to love about it.

     I loved to check out what my friends were up to through Facebook. I have enjoyed finding old friends there too. It is also a great place to advertise my writing. However of late I find that most people no longer really communicate there. It has become a place where people forward, forward and once in a while comment. I write posts hoping to spark a conversation but only get likes and a random comment from people I talk to in person most of the time anyhow.

     Don't get me wrong, I have been guilty of skimming along and just hitting that like button because it is fast and it is easy. However I realize  recently that it is all just too impersonal and the likes, while appreciated, are not the same as actual communication. I feel like it is a place people go to mindlessly pass time. I find my own self just skimming around for a while wondering why I even bother. I wonder why I am there and well, don't find much about my friends and what is happening in their lives because no one really puts much out there anymore.. I just think we have all strayed from communicating with each other and society as a whole is becoming too detached with each other as humans. I know that for most it isn't that they are too busy because they are on Facebook, just not communicating much.

     I don't spend much time on Facebook anymore, there are a lot of forwards and such which I find interesting sometimes however most of the time I just pass on by. So my goal is to try to communicate more, I mean that is why I joined. I am going to strive to limit the forwards I share and to share more of what's up in my life. I hope that it can become a place to keep and stay in touch again with those who I don't get to see on a regular basis.