Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day: The Most Superficial Holiday of All

     I have never liked Valentine's Day as an adult. When I was married I did not like it and I don't like it as a single person. I guess there was a time I did like it but that was when I was a kid making cards and valentine boxes. I also liked it when my kids were young because I liked helping them make boxes so I guess I did like it as an adult but not in an adult way. But other than that, as an adult I really do dislike this holiday of "love".
     I am sure many wonder why I do not like Valentine's Day. Well I think it is a holiday for stores to sell candy people cannot afford and certainly do not need. It is a time for that husband who cheats on his wife all year long to buy her a bouquet of flowers or some beautiful jewelry so he can feel better for being such a cad and cheat. It is also a time for many people to buy gifts for their significant other to appear loving and wonderful to others around them when all the while they treat their spouse like they hate them behind closed doors.

     It is also another time for people to show love to those they say they love that they should be showing all year long. It is very superficial to take people for granted and treat them horribly all year long but on this one day, buy flowers, candy and trinkets to "show you care." 

     Granted, there are those who show the same love all year that they show on Valentine's Day. They buy the gifts just because they care, they show that same love on the 3rd of Feb that they show on the 14th. But for the many the love on Valentine's Day is a superficial kind of love and it is a superficial kind of day. 

     I think it is fine to buy a card or even gifts on Valentine's Day and I am sure people feel happy to receive them but, I don't think people should feel sad if they get nothing, I would hope they do not feel unloved because the love on that one day is not always the true love that we feel all year when our loved ones do really show they care.
     For me Valentine's Day will come and it will go without much thought. I love my family and friends every day of the year just the same and do not feel the need for a holiday in which to show that love.