Friday, August 7, 2015

Struggling To Survive


    Lately I have been thinking about how sad the debt to income ration for most people in the US or at least where I live is very unbalanced. It is sad that people can barely make it on wages that ate one time were great. Yes things cost less then too but the debt to income ratio changed so much that wages did not increase accordingly based on the cost of living.

      Currently where I live in Colorado the average hourly wage is under $10 per hour. The average rent is around $850.00 per month for a fairly small home. Renter pays pretty much all utilities. So let's just say a person is lucky enough to make $10 per hour which is a gross of $1600 per month if they get 40 hours which many employers do not offer. Uncle Sam takes on average at least $300 from that, possibly more. So that leaves a family roughly $1300 per month. From the $1300 per month comes the $850 in rent leaving them with $450 to live on. Out of that $450 they have to pay utilities, gas for vehicles, food and other incidentals and necessities such as clothes etc. That is all if a family rents. If they buy a home it is sometimes less pr month but still that $1300 income just does not go far at all. It is no wonder people struggle to survive. 

     As I think back to when I first got married and my then husband earned $5.00 per hour. That was good money for us. Later he really hit it big and got a job where he made $8.00 per hour. When I started working at a hotel in 1985 I was feeling great to make $4.00 per hour and then later went to work at a greenhouse making $5.00 per hour. At $5.00 per hour our gross income was $800.00 per month when only one of us worked. We took home around $600.00 per month and did just fine. Later when my ex made $8 per hour we were rolling in the dough when he brought home around $1000 per month. We were able to pay rent, buy food, pay for a vehicle, auto insurance, gas and even buy a boat and vacation at Lake Powell a few times each summer. 

     It is sad that things have changed so much that someone making $10 per hour is actually in poverty level while back in the 80’s we felt rich making $8 per hour. Times sure have not changed for the better and again I find it sad that people struggle to survive.