Saturday, August 29, 2015

Social Website Friend: Real Life Enemy

     I have wondered for a long time why people remain Facebook friends with people they hate in real life. It has been a question that has been on my mind for quite some time.

     I see people post things about people they just cannot stand in real life but yet they remain friends on Facebook. They sometimes get into these little Facebook fights and it can get ugly. I keep thinking as I read the posts in the fight, surely these people will unfriend each other if they dislike each other this much.  I know, I should  just move on and not read the drama dribble but for some reason curiosity drives me to keep reading, maybe I just need a chuckle.

     What is interesting is that I know these people who dislike each other so much are not friends in real life. Some of them don't even get into fights on Facebook but remain friends there. They comment about each other from time to time just because and the relationship on FB remains.

     Personally I do not want people I don't even like in real life to know what goes on in my life. I wonder if those who keep the non friends around want them to be jealous or are just curious about the person they do not like and what happens in their life.

     Either way  I am still confused about it all and still wonder why anyone wants to have anything to do with people who drag them down because anyone you dislike that much drags you down whether you know it or not...