Saturday, August 22, 2015

Songs Written by Blake Miller

    My son is an amazing musician and writer. his name is Blake Miller and I know someday many people will know his name because of his amazing talent.  Blake has written some beautiful and amazing songs. He has been in a few different bands. One of his bands actually was on its way to becoming known but the lead singers decided to back out. I am not sure what the reason was. My personal opinion is that they don't want to really make a go of muisc but to just play in the small town we live in. My son, Blake, on teh other hand wants to make a living playing his music and wants it to be heard by everyone. He knows that will never happen until he moves to an area that appreciates his amazing talent.

     I love sharing his music though. The songs he has written are amazing, so I am going to share some of his music here on my blog. I also have the EP that he and his old band Arsenic Kitchen recorded for purchase. If you are interested please let me know and you can purchase one for $5.00.

     Here are a few clips of some live performances. My son wrote all of these songs and is the one playing the lead guitar..the on with the hair.

Air that I Breathe Acoustic
Air that I Breathe