Saturday, August 29, 2015

Presenting Yourseld Poorly For Hire

     The new craze now days is to look for work online. It is a good way to reach out and find out who is hiring and a good way for employers to get the word out without payiing for advertisement. It is not as efficient as it was in the day where you "hit the pavement," but it works.

     Many employers look to the social network sites such as Facebook to search for prospective employees. I think this is just fine but I have noticed some of those prospetive employees do not present themselves well in just that short time they post on Facebook.

    If I were hiring someone from Facebook I would not hire the person who uses text lingo typing "do u know of places who r hiring?" I am sorry but that is just lazy to me and whether or not it is just text lingo, it makes me think the person is not  that bright. It makes them look dumb in my eyes.

   Another thing that would turn me off of a prospective employee is for them to just post "places hiring." That to me says they are too lazy to even type a full sentence, or not smart enough. It also makes me wonder if they are saying places are hiring or if they want a job.

    So come on people, if you want a job present yourself in a way that tells an employeer you are not a complete moron and you can type a full sentence and do know how to type full words. It is not that difficult. Good grief, job hunting has been made easy, you just sit at home and say you are looking. Don't be so lazy that you can't present yourself better than the simplistic way I've seen lately on Facebook.

     That is my rant for today.