Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reporting Thief Using Date Stamp

     I am reporting a thief who stole my work and it is not easy. I have to show a link to the work but it was written and published on Associated Content which later became Yahoo Voices which are both now gone.  I do have the original piece on a hard drive though with the date stamp of when I wrote it. The thief's date stamp is over a year after. So, hopefully this will provide enough proof to report this person and get my article taken down from his/her site. I also hope that somehow he has to pay me for any profit he made from my work.

     My purpose with this blog is to use this link for the DMCA since I no longer have a link to show them because Yahoo is gone.

     Here is my screen shot from my hard drive. I did write the article under the name The Dangers of Removing Cursive Writing from Education for Yahoo but originally it was titled as below.  The article itself is the same and I will submit if required to do so.