Friday, June 12, 2015

Two Year Old Grandson is Such a Smart Boy

     My little grandson amazes me. He is just like his dad and his uncle, so very smart. He has known his shapes since I can't remember when. I think when he was just over a year old. He has been able to count from one to ten for a while too.  He knows several nursery rhymes and also knows a lot of songs including Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. But he is not limited to kids songs lol. He even knows the songs from Nightmare Before Christmas and some Winnie the Pooh songs.

     While reading his nursery rhyme book he kept saying the page numbers as I read. At first I just thought that he was randomly saying them but last night I noticed that he had them right. So, I created some flash cards for him to see if I was correct. To my surprise I was! He knows all numbers from 2-8. He gets 9 and 6 confused thinking its 6 and doesn't have 1 down yet but I am sure he will soon.

     Of course being grandma I had to take a video of him. This little guy will be three in August. I've seen many kindergarten kids who don't even have number recognition skills. Yea I'm a proud

Toddler recognizing numbers