Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blake Miller Covering Metallica Nothing Else Matters

     Ok now it is time for mom to really show off. My oldest son Blake is just well, one heck of a musician. His talent amazes me and he just gets better every day. He lives and breathes his music and I know someday he will play with others who will match his talent.

     One of his favorite bands has always been Metallica. One of my favorite Metallica songs is Nothing Else Matters. It was one of the first songs Blake learned to cover. He won't play it with any of his bands because he said that not just anyone can sing a Metallica song.

     One night while he was playing at open mic with his former band Arsenic Kitchen, he decided to try out one of the Coffee Shop owners guitars. He picked it up and was just messing around. That is what I am sharing here.

    Nothing Else Matters Covered By Blake Miller