Thursday, June 11, 2015

Arsenic Kitchen Shanhaid

 My son is such an amazing guitar player. He has been in a few different bands and sadly this one almost made it. They actually had a CD and a contract with an agent. Sadly the two lead singers decided to bail at the last minute. I don't know for sure why but from what I have seen with one of them, when success knocks on the door, he bails.

Hopefully my son will find band members who are dedicated. I think that the lack of dedication some of the band members showed was part of what resulted in the break up of this band. My son is dedicated to his music and wants to make it his career, he would get upset at the other band members for their lack of dedication.

My son is the one playing the lead guitar, the one with the bushy hair. I hope you enjoy the video. I will share more of his talent.

Oh and he wrote this song. It is also on CD if anyone wants one, contact me.

Arsenic Kitchen Shanghaid