Saturday, September 24, 2016

If He Hits Once, Odds Are He Will Hit Again and When that is Not Enough, He Will Hit Her Kids

     There is always an exception to any rule. There are rare instances when a man abuses a woman and then stops. Most of the time though a man who does stop is one who hit the woman while drinking however  never drinks again. Or the man who really wants to change and goes into therapy to change. But, for the most part a man who hits a woman will do it again and again.

     I hear and see it all the time, these women who are with an abusive man. Of course an abusive man is manipulative and can make her believe it is her fault. He is a predator and pretends to be loving, sweet, kind and sorry. He promises he will never do it again. He is a good liar and many times the woman believes him. So she stays. Not long after the last beating, he beats her again. He apologizes and she stays. Some woman end up dead, others eventually do leave but until she finally opens her eyes an sees that he is an abusive person and will never change, she will remain his victim.

     Then there are the women who are with a man who has her so down on herself that she believes she deserves it, he is not only physically abusive but mentally too. He convinces her that she will never find anyone to love her and he is her only hope. So she stays. Once again she will never be out of this type of relationship until she realizes she is worth more. That is the hardest part of all when with the mentally abusive man. This man usually doesn't even apologize, he just tells her she needs to stop making him mad.

     No matter what type of man is doing the beating, he will do it again. No matter how many times he says he is sorry, he will find a reason to hit again. He is only sorry in the moment. He is only sorry that she is upset and he is worried she will leave him so he has to apologize. No one can convince me that he is truly sorry if he ever does it again.

      There are women who do leave this kind of relationship for a couple of years or so, they find a relationship that is not abusive but are not happy in that type of relationship so the woman leaves. Then enter the woman beater, the abuser, the trash. The abusive man keeps saying how much he loves her and how everyone makes mistakes. He showers her with gifts and treats her like a queen. If a woman who has been out of that type of relationship falls for it again then in my opinion she deserves just what she gets. He will start beating her again. That is a given. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

     What is hardest of all is that many times once this abusive piece of trash wins her back and begins hitting her again, that is not enough for him. If she has kids, he hits them too. The kids either start crying while he is beating their mom or they try to defend her. Either makes the man mad so he turns on the kids. Sometimes he does serious damage to the children and many times he kills them. If this happens I think the woman needs to go to jail for murder right beside the abusive man. I mean she knew he was abusive, she got away from him, had a better life but then chose to go back to him again. It is just as much her fault she is abused and it is just as much her fault that her children are harmed.

      I stand by my title, if he hits once, he will hit again and eventually he will turn on the children. If a woman gets out of it and moves on to better things but then later goes back to the abuse, she gets what she deserves, he has not changed. But if she puts her children in harms way then she should have them taken away before he can harm them too. She is getting what she wants, abusive treatment, the children deserve better.

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