Monday, September 5, 2016

Coughing Breaks Windpipe

     I was not sure where to put this post so decided it would work in this blog.

     My youngest son has a broken windpipe. He got this from coughing. I have never heard of such a thing but it happens. It is so strange.

     He has had a bad cold for weeks and also has asthma. He has been coughing very hard but really no harder than usual. He has struggled breathing but no worse than when he has a bad asthma episode. So when he came back from the ER and told me his windpipe was broken I was shocked.

     On Wed night he was struggling to breathe, he was taking more than usual nebulizer treatments. Then the next day at work he was sent home because he was pasty looking and his co workers said he was turning blue. I was home ill so I had a friend of his take him to ER. There they found the broken windpipe.

      I don't think it is broken in the sense as broken in half but has many tears and broken spots in it. This also makes for air bubbles in his blood. Yes bubbles. It is so strange, you can feel them when you touch him. The first night they made his hand hurt because his blood was bubbling so hard.

     I wonder if his inhaler is not partially responsible for the weak windpipe. He does use it more than he should which is commone for an asthmatic. But I wonder if the over use of the Ventolin inhaler has caused his windpipe to weaken.

     Regardless of why this happened it is not at all fun. My son is in a lot of pain and still struggles to breathe.