Sunday, September 18, 2016

Disrespect the USA Equals NFL Boycott

     I love my country, I stand for the anthem and I salute the flag. I do respect a persons right to sit out the pledge or anthem for religious reasons. I do not respect those who choose to disrespect our country because they are trying to "make a point". They are not making a point, they are provoking even more division and are a part of the problem. So until the NFL apologizes for the disrespect of some players it is my right to boycott the NFL, I will not watch, purchase or support anything related to the NFL.

     Don't get me wrong, this is not as serious as a rapist sentenced to only 90 days, that is wrong and I will not support the rapist either. But then I never would have anyhow.

     Those football players who decided to "make a point" by kneeling for the National Anthem are people who have benefited more than most of us by the system they are disrespecting. They make millions tossing around a football for goodness sake. So I do not know what makes them think they are helping the causes they are promoting by disrespecting the country that has given them their livelihood.

     Yes we have a racism problem in the US, it is sad and it is wrong but to disrespect the very country that has provided you such a comfortable life is only causing more division. I am not racist, I love everyone for what they are no matter what color, race or cultural background they come from. We all deserve the same chances in life, we all are also responsible for out own actions and well, sometimes the choices we make are what make life difficult. Yes many are oppressed but there are also those who overcome that oppression. Yes there are people who hate others for the color of their skin or the culture they come from. That is sad but to disrespect our country and anger those who love it so much does nothing to stop the racism.

      It is their right to refuse to  stand for the anthem, it is also their right to spew hatred about the USA and even their right to disrespect the flag. Those who fought and died for this country gave them that right. On the other side of it, it is the right of the rest of us to boycott the NFL and the players who support this kind of disrespect for a county we dearly love.

     Stop and think people, did you help your cause? No you did not, you only made those who oppose your  your cause angry but what is worse is that you made those who support your cause angry too. I still believe we are all equal and will still fight for equality but will not support those who disrespect my country especially when they have benefited from all it has to offer.