Monday, September 19, 2016

Pink Eye Treated Later and Treated Right Away

Pink Eye 2014
     Back in 2014 my little grandson got pinkeye. His mom did not take him in to get it treated. She washed his eyes and put warm compresses on them but that did not help. My son and her shared parenting time at that time so he had not seen his boys eyes. When we went to pick him up they were horrible. The poor baby could not even open them, his cheeks were broken out and so was his lip. This must have been from the drainage.

     When we got him to town we immediately took him to urgent care and got drops for his eyes. It took several days but he got over it. However the poor little fellow sure did suffer. He had a great attitude and did not cry much but he could not open his eyes for a few days. We would clean the gunk and it would build up almost as fast as we cleaned.
                                                                                                                                                                                   This  morning he woke up with matted eyes and after 30 minutes of warm rags I decided to take him in to urgent care.  There we got drops and started using them. So far his eyes are not to bad. They were red this morning and one of them was swollen but now this evening after drops, they are looking better.
Pink Eye 2016

     So if your child gets pinkeye, get them treated right away. The eye also is not always red, sometimes it is slightly red but if you wait it will become bright pink later on.
It is miserable for them to have that drainage get on their face and make it sore when eye drops will heal them in no time.