Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Woman Who Falsely Accuses a Man of Rape Should Be Charged of Rape

     I read this post on Facebook regarding a woman going to jail for accusing a man of rape. I certainly agree that she should. I think she should be charged with rape herself because she is taking away her victims rights by making false accusations.

     When a woman accuses a man of rape whether he is innocent or not his reputation is damaged. forever People tend to believe the worst without knowing the truth.

     When a man is accused of rape that becomes a front page story, everyone hears about it. They hear the woman's story of how he treated her, how horrible it was, how violated she felt. The accused is arrested, many times he loses his job and has to pay for a lawyer. When the woman retracts her story saying she was lying and the man did not rape her, that story does not make front page, people don't know that he was actually innocent, many times he might get his job back but there are people who still believe he is guilty and he finds it hard to get back to the life he once had.

      I know of one instance where an educator was accused of rape, he was an upstanding and respected man. Once he was accused of rape his name was plastered all over the media, including Facebook. He had to "drop off the face of the earth" just to find peace. Once his accuser admitted she had lied no one heard about that, no one knew until finally he surfaced again and people started to research the story. Not everyone did that though, he was labeled a rapist and his reputation was damaged for the rest of his life.

     I have heard many stories where men are falsely accused of rape, they lose their job and family because of this. They become "marked men" and their lives are never the same again. Some of them are so ruined that they commit suicide. Then maybe the woman should be charged with man slaughter.

     Maybe if a woman faced rape charges for falsely accusing a man of rape she would think twice before making those false accusations.