Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reporting Thief Using Date Stamp

     I am reporting a thief who stole my work and it is not easy. I have to show a link to the work but it was written and published on Associated Content which later became Yahoo Voices which are both now gone.  I do have the original piece on a hard drive though with the date stamp of when I wrote it. The thief's date stamp is over a year after. So, hopefully this will provide enough proof to report this person and get my article taken down from his/her site. I also hope that somehow he has to pay me for any profit he made from my work.

     My purpose with this blog is to use this link for the DMCA since I no longer have a link to show them because Yahoo is gone.

     Here is my screen shot from my hard drive. I did write the article under the name The Dangers of Removing Cursive Writing from Education for Yahoo but originally it was titled as below.  The article itself is the same and I will submit if required to do so.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Was Plagiarized: Time to Expose the Thief

     When you write an article, post or any piece of work online it belongs to you. That is a part of the intellectual property rights. It is very unnerving and infuriating to have some lazy piece of crap steal your hard work.

     I used to write for Yahoo Voices and they closed. I am now in the process of moving all of my pieces elsewhere but always check to make sure they are not still in the search database so I don't plagiarize myself. Yesterday I was checking on one of my pieces and when I googled the title I had a hit. But the piece was not written by me. Someone else had used my work on their page. I was furious.

     The thief messed with the wrong person though. I will not just sit still and let him have my work. I am reporting him to the US Copyright and then to Google. I know it isn't a huge deal and the post wasn't a huge one but I bet this person does not have one piece of original work on his blog. He stole mine word for word.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Two Year Old Grandson is Such a Smart Boy

     My little grandson amazes me. He is just like his dad and his uncle, so very smart. He has known his shapes since I can't remember when. I think when he was just over a year old. He has been able to count from one to ten for a while too.  He knows several nursery rhymes and also knows a lot of songs including Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. But he is not limited to kids songs lol. He even knows the songs from Nightmare Before Christmas and some Winnie the Pooh songs.

     While reading his nursery rhyme book he kept saying the page numbers as I read. At first I just thought that he was randomly saying them but last night I noticed that he had them right. So, I created some flash cards for him to see if I was correct. To my surprise I was! He knows all numbers from 2-8. He gets 9 and 6 confused thinking its 6 and doesn't have 1 down yet but I am sure he will soon.

     Of course being grandma I had to take a video of him. This little guy will be three in August. I've seen many kindergarten kids who don't even have number recognition skills. Yea I'm a proud

Toddler recognizing numbers

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blake Miller Covering Metallica Nothing Else Matters

     Ok now it is time for mom to really show off. My oldest son Blake is just well, one heck of a musician. His talent amazes me and he just gets better every day. He lives and breathes his music and I know someday he will play with others who will match his talent.

     One of his favorite bands has always been Metallica. One of my favorite Metallica songs is Nothing Else Matters. It was one of the first songs Blake learned to cover. He won't play it with any of his bands because he said that not just anyone can sing a Metallica song.

     One night while he was playing at open mic with his former band Arsenic Kitchen, he decided to try out one of the Coffee Shop owners guitars. He picked it up and was just messing around. That is what I am sharing here.

    Nothing Else Matters Covered By Blake Miller

Arsenic Kitchen Shanhaid

 My son is such an amazing guitar player. He has been in a few different bands and sadly this one almost made it. They actually had a CD and a contract with an agent. Sadly the two lead singers decided to bail at the last minute. I don't know for sure why but from what I have seen with one of them, when success knocks on the door, he bails.

Hopefully my son will find band members who are dedicated. I think that the lack of dedication some of the band members showed was part of what resulted in the break up of this band. My son is dedicated to his music and wants to make it his career, he would get upset at the other band members for their lack of dedication.

My son is the one playing the lead guitar, the one with the bushy hair. I hope you enjoy the video. I will share more of his talent.

Oh and he wrote this song. It is also on CD if anyone wants one, contact me.

Arsenic Kitchen Shanghaid