Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Taste of India in Cortez Colorado: Sour Grapes

     I usually do not give a restaurant a bad review unless I have tried their food but the new restaurant Taste of India will never get my business. I know three employees they have cheated or tried to cheat and I do not patronize that kind of business.

     The first person I know who worked there was being worked 12 hours a day and worked 6 days in a row. Then when she got her first paycheck they cheated her by taking the tips she had earned out of her paycheck. She told them that they had to make sure she made at least minimum wage. The fired her.

     The next employee was told when he started that he would not get tips while he was training. He was ok with that. But when he got his first paycheck he was making $5.31 an hour. He told him that was not acceptable. But they told him that he agreed not to work for tips. He said he had agreed to that but not to work for under minimum wage. They argued with him until he told them it is against the law to pay someone below minimum wage. Even when employees earn tips and the tips don't equal minimum wage  the employer has to make sure the wages equal minimum. They paid him and he quit.

     Then another employee recently went to pick up her check to find that they took the tips she reported and earned out of her check. They told her that he tips went back into the restaurant. This meant she made around $2.00 per hour. She told them they had to pay her minimum wage. She threatened to turn them in so they paid her. For now she still works there.

     I found out today that they have signs on their tables saying the tips go back into the restaurant. Well I don't tip the restaurant. I tip servers and if I know the servers don't get the tip I won't tip. But they won't have to worry about that because I won't eat there and I will tell everyone I know not to eat there too. I think they need to learn how things work before they open a business and stop cheating their employees.

     So sour grapes to Taste of India.

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