Monday, August 8, 2016

Being Second Best

     I was watching the episode of Cheers where Lilith returns home after leaving Frazier for another man. She walks in on him in bed with Rebecca and gets mad like she has a right to be mad. She is the one who left. She is the one who cheated yet she was mad that he was with someone else.

     Then she was at the bar and talking to Sam, he made her realize she really had no right to be mad. Frazier comes into the bar and she tells him she is sorry and that she realized the guy she left him for was crazy. So she wanted Frazier back. After a bit of thinking, not much I mind you, Frazier took her back.

     This episode bothered me. First of all I was annoyed that the character even thought she had a right to be mad at him for almost sleeping with Rebecca. What bothered me most of all though is that the writers had Frazier take her back to lightly. I mean she only came back to him because the other relationship didn't work out. If the man she had left for was not a psycho and had been a good guy she would have stayed.

     This episode to me just showed that the character Frazier had no respect for himself,  It would have been a different situation had her relationship worked. She did not return to Frazier because she loved him, she returned because the grass was not greener like she thought it would be. So that means Frazier was second best and he was willing to be second best.

     I know this is just a TV show but it struck a nerve with me. I just could not fathom how he could take her back knowing that she only wanted him because the other person wasn't what she wanted him to be. It made me sad that he had so little respect for himself.