Sunday, May 31, 2020

Peaceful Protests Overshadowed by Violent Rioters

I am not sure if there are any peaceful protesters out there but if there are, good for you for remaining peaceful. I hope your voices are heard by those who can make changes! I stand behind you. Sadly you are being over shadowed by the violent rioters.
To the violent toxic rioters cities are on curfew, people have to be afraid to leave their homes so you can destroy our cities! your violence will do anything except harm innocent people and take away from the real problems. Do you really think that people care what your cause is as you burn down their business or destroy their livelihood? No one cares what you have to say!
You are spiting in the face of every decent person or movement that has ever existed and you are spitting in the face of Mr. Floyd!
Before people blow up that I need to get over having a curfew, I don't care about having to stay inside. I care that we have to because there are people making it dangerous for us to go outside because they want to violently attack and riot. They are terrorist!
I also have been accused for being a privileged racist because I do not hate all white police officers for the violent acts of bad cops. How is that any better than the bad cop hating all people because they are black?
I am sickened and saddened that there is still this much hatred in the world. I am sickened by what the bad cop, who I will not give the respect of naming, did to George Floyd. I could not even watch the video because what that cop did was torture. Nothing Mr. Floyd could have done warranted that. I do not understand that kind of hatred I do not understand how anyone can hate a person for the color of his or her skin. It just is not something I can wrap my mind around. People who hate like that must have cold hearts, their hearts must be so hard and cold to hate someone for the color of their skin.
I am just as sickened though at what these rioters are doing. They are distracting from the cause, they are giving the prejudice cold-hearted people justification in their minds for their prejudice Right or wrong those who hate will be saying "see, those people are bad just like we said, look at what they are doing. they riot, they vandalize, they steal...they are the reason we do the things we do to them." Yes wrong but how hate filled people must think. The rioters are fueling the fire of the bad cops and bad people.
The peaceful protesters are the ones who will make a difference in the end but somehow, someone has to get through to the violent rioters and make them stop. Sadly though I am not sure there are any peaceful protesters left in this cause because the violence is drowning your voices.


  1. I agree. It's sad that the rioters are ruining the peaceful protests.

  2. At the end of the day all people will remember and think of during this time are the rioters. They will only see the violent response and will eventually even forget why the violence took place.