Sunday, February 25, 2018

Review: Bahama Bucks

     When I first tried Bahama Bucks I thought it was ok. I was not super impressed but my mom and aunts love it. They make sure to go every time they are in the Mesa/Phoenix Arizona area.

With Cream
     So I decided when we were in Mesa a year ago to give it another try. I learned that I LOVE Bahama Bucks and the Bahama Mama Rama.

     What is a Bahama Mama Rama you ask?? Well it is a different kind of shaved ice treat. You get ice cream and then the shaved ice and flavoring and then you get a cream on top of the shaved ice. At first I thought it was the cream I did not like but, the other day I accidentally had them put it on and I determined that I love it!
Without Cream

     I have moved to the Surprise Arizona area and sadly we do not have a Bahama Bucks nearby...I love it so much though that I make it a point to get one whenever I am in the Mesa or Phoenix area. I have to drive an hour but it is worth it.

     I discovered a location that is only 33 miles form me in Laveen, AZ so now I go there when I am not taking a trip to Mesa. Yes I make a special trip to get a Bahama Mama Rama. It is that good! I enjoy it that much!

     I think my favorite location is on Southern in Mesa though because you put the little umbrella in the post outside showing your love of their treats.

     I need to try some of their other wonderful looking treats but I am a creature of habit and since I have to go so far to get one I tend to get what I know I love.

     If you are ever in the Phoenix area be sure to check out Bahama Bucks and try a Bahama Mama Rama!!

+Bahama Bucks
+Bahama Mama Rama