Sunday, December 24, 2017

Fond Christmas Memories Through the Eyes of a Child

     As yet another Christmas Eve is upon us many thoughts entered my mind. First  I was saddened that this I did not have the money to purchase gifts for loved ones. But yet I also thought about the fact when people need things they purchase them or when I want to get something for someone I just get it regardless of the time of year. That promoted  me to thinking that it is silly to go out and buy gifts that I can't afford for people just because it is Christmas.

     All of these thoughts prompted me to look back at the memories of Christmas time I hold dearest to my heart. The gifts I received were nice however those are not the feel good, warm, loving memories I hold dearest to my heart.

     When I think of my fondest memories of Christmas season, those warm fuzzy feeling memories one of the first that comes to mind is when my mom and I used to travel from our home to my grandparents home for Christmas I feel so happy inside when I remember going to my aunt and uncles on Christmas Eve with all of my cousins and then back to grandma and grandpas house. Us kids would go to bed and talk about how excited we were for the next day.

    Christmas morning we woke up to grandma making breakfast, we opened our gifts and then spent the day with family. Sometimes my cousins did not stay all night at grandma and grandpas but the next morning they were there for breakfast and Christmas dinner.

     As time went on and I grew up I still have fond memories of Christmas dinner at grandmas house. I did not have kids yet but still had those warm feelings just being with my family.

   My kids came along so we made our own special memories. These are some of the dearest to my heart. Our memories started a few days before Christmas
some years, we baked cookies, decorated the house and sang Christmas songs.

     Then along came Christmas Eve when we would read books, open one gift and then sing songs. I think the most precious memories are of my kids running into my room telling me it was time to get up to open gifts. The excitement in their eyes as they looked in their stockings and opened their new treasures. Then after their grandma came over for dinner we would play games and just enjoy our day together.

     My kids are now grown so our memories are with my grandson. I find that those precious memories of my childhood were felt through my children and now my grandson.

     When I think back on the Christmas days I hold most dear I do not think of the gifts I received, I loved the gifts but the warm feelings, the best feelings are of the special traditions and memories I made with my family and also the excitement of Christmas through the eyes of a child.