Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Picture Tribute to Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade

     When I was a young child one of my favorite things to do at Disneyland was to watch the electrical parade. As an adult it had the same magic even when it returned to Disney's California Adventure Park.

     Every time we hear the Electrical Parade song we get up and dance. My grandma would even dance in her wheel chair. It is simply, well, magical. Makes you feel happy inside.

     Then in 2010 the parade left Disney's California Adventure Park. We were very sad to see it leave.

     In 2017 the parade returned to Disneyland to everyone excitement! It was wonderful hearing the sounds again and watching it make its magic once again at Disneyland.

     Sadly however the parade left the park in August of 2017 to supposedly retire forever. I hope somehow they bring it back but fear they may not.

      I created a Youtube picture video tribute to the parade that makes people dance and move to to the magic. Its amazing splendor will be missed by all who loved the parade.

Picture Tribute to the Electrical