Monday, January 2, 2017

When Memories Become Memories

As I was driving to work today, I decided to put in my Disneyland CD's. The first was actually a Disney California Adventure Park (DCA) CD. I purchased it back in 2007 or so, back when they still had Golden Dreams. These CD's brought with them some very special memories. Memories of memories.

   So what is a memory of a memory? It is remembering a time you were enjoying your memories...Ok so let me explain. My boys and I used to put in the DCA CD and remember Soarin Over California as we listened to the song. We did not just remember it, we were there. We knew every detail of the ride and as the music played, we discussed and remembered being there. As we flew over the river on Soarin, we said, "now we are over the river and look out below I'm going to kick the guys on the raft." We would laugh at the memory and talk about our feelings when we were done.

     When we listened to the Haunted Mansion theme we would do the same thing, we acted out the ride with our words.

     Along with these memories today flooded many other memories from when my sons and I would act out our vacations. Yes, we usually acted out our Disney vacation but that was because it was the main one we went on every year and our happy/laughing place.

     Among these memories I had today was when we would go for a walk in the local park where we live. As we started our walk, we would say, "Ok we are leaving The Carousel (our hotel) and we are walking to the light. We push the light and now we are heading through the main gate where we toss our troubles away...” then we'd say, "can you hear it, the music is now playing, can you feel it?' What was so special is that we almost heard the music and we did feel the magic. We did this our entire walk around the City Park and Disney Resort in our minds from our memory.

     From the time we came home from our vacation we would look at the video we took and at our pictures as soon as they were developed or on the computer. Then a few months before our next vacation was to begin we would watch our Disney Vacation DVD. We watched it several times throughout the year with excitement. When my mom who goes with us every year came over, we would watch the Disney DVD.

     This all might seem a bit silly but it was magical for us. Our memories were not like being there but they made us feel the same magic we felt when we were there. They were special times spent together.

    As I was remembering these memories, I reflected on how vivid those times are in my mind, how special and how magical. I don't remember the money I spent over the years,  I don't remember the purchases I made or what I bought. What I do recall are all of the things my boys, my mom and I did together, the fun we had and the special times we had remembering all of the fun we had.

     Memories of memories are so extraordinary. My wish for everyone is that they can have such amazing memories to remember with their own kids because as time moves on and parents become less important in their kids’ lives these are the memories they hang on to. I hope all parents have these special times to look back on.