Sunday, January 1, 2017

Finally Accepting This Chapter of My Life is Closed: No Longer a Drama Mamma

     It has been a wonderful run being a drama mom. I have been involved in the high school theater program since hmm, 2009 I believe when my oldest son entered as a freshman. Then his brother entered his freshman year and well, last year was his last year and sadly also mine. I enjoyed it so very much and have had a hard time knowing I am no longer a drama mom. I loved my theater family a lot but things change.

     The theater family has changed and well I am no longer thought of as a part of the family by many. It is just how things happen, things change and we move on. It is a chapter in my life that is closed. It is not always easy closing the final page to a great book though and this one has been the hardest of all.

     I was able to hang on the first part of the year because my youngest son was involved in the Haunted House and the Fall play as a crew member. However it was not the same, I did not feel a part of the family, I felt like the in-law who was no longer needed. Yes many of the kids still knew me and I felt welcomed by them but then there were those who either did not know me or I never got close to and well, I did not feel they wanted me around. I mean they either did not like me or did not know me. So that was my wake up call to the fact that while I might be a member of the old theater family, I am not a member of the new.  I miss the group of kids who welcomed me into their hearts and who really saw me as a part of the theater family but most of those kids have moved on past high school. There are a few who remain but they won't be there much longer either.

     This ended my run as drama makes me sad because I did love my theater family and I will miss them dearly. But I understand that it is what it is and it is time to move on. Time to move on, past being a drama mamma. However I do hope someday that I can be one again. It will not be quite the same because my sons are grown, they won't want me around like they did...which is normal but I hope that my oldest goes on to reach his dreams of being a musician and I can watch him play. I hope my youngest gets involved in college theater like he plans so I can watch him act. So in a way I will be a drama mom but never again to the same group of kids...and so this chapter of the book in my life is closed and it has been a hard final page to turn.

     Both of my sons are very talented, my oldest is no longer in theater but is a part of the arts, the youngest had a wonderful high school run and I look forward to the chapters in their lives that will open them to amazing new adventures.

    Kyle as the Child Catcher
    The Air that I Breath performed by Arsenic Kitchen, written by Blake Miller, lead guitar Blake Miller