Saturday, January 7, 2017

Vitamin A Palmitate: Parents Need to Shout "Stop Poisioning Our kids!"

   For those who do not know what Vitamin A Palmitate is, it is a synthetic isolate. It is added to low fat milk for some reason, milk does not contain vitamin A naturally so why they add an isolate to it baffles me. It is a dangerous additive, it is in many low fat and other foods that people eat. It is also in the milk that the government requires schools to feed to our children.  Most parents are not aware of the synthetic vitamin schools are feeding their kids, actually they are unknowingly feeding it to them too.

     This stuff is in just about everything we eat anymore. You have to become an avid label reader to avoid it. What makes me most upset though is that it is placed in low fat milk, the milk children are forced to drink in school. I do not understand why a child needs low fat milk myself, kids need fat but that is another blog. 

     When Michelle Obama took chocolate milk from the schools I was upset at first but then I was glad because it stopped children from drinking the milk that is poisoned with Vitamin A Palmitate. The kids where I worked started bringing soda and other drinks. As much as I dislike sugary drinks for kids, they were better off with the soda than the Palmitate.

     This stuff, the stuff kids drink in school is harmful to their liver if they ingest too much of it, so why make them drink it?

     I had never heard of Vitamin A Palmitate until my youngest son was 2 years old. It was purely by accident I discovered it and learned that it was the Palmitate, not milk causing his problems.
     One day my son broke out with a rash, the rash was eczema and he was miserable. At first I thought it was from plums, I had never fed them to him before but had the day he started breaking out. I stopped the plums but he still broke out. He was miserable. Finally I narrowed it down to the milk. I had accidentally bought 2% milk and decided it wouldn't hurt to give it to my kids until the gallon of milk was gone. But after the rash remained I decided to see what was different about 2% milk and learned they added the Palmitate to it. So I stopped the milk and my son's skin cleared up.

       I had to get a doctors note so that I could get my son on whole milk at school but, it was no problem. I gave the prescription to the food services and they ordered whole milk for my son. They have to provide an alternative if your child is allergic. I am thankful my son is allergic to this poison, the more I learn about it, the more harmful I learn it is.

          We became label readers because he would break out sometimes and I would find that he had ingested food with Palmitate. It also makes his asthma worse when he ingests it.

     I have suffered from eczema too and determined if I drink or eat foods with this synthetic poison, I break out too. My oldest son does as well. So I wonder what it does to our internal organs. I wonder what it is doing to the kids who have to drink it at school and at home.

     What I wonder is how many people blame milk products for their eczema when it is Palmitate instead? 

     My children are not the only ones who suffer from this reaction, one day a friend of mine told me her daughter had a horrible rash, eczema to be exact. She showed it to me and I asked if she fed her low fat milk. She said she had been drinking it, I told her to stop the milk, she did and her daughters skin cleared up.

     Not all people I have noticed are as sensitive as my son, some can ingest it in breads and other foods but only suffer when they take it in larger doses such as in milk. My son can't ingest it at all.

     I have a conspiracy theory about this, I am sure I am wrong but, you never know.... they know it is harmful to the liver and other vital organs so they feed it to people to drive medical is a thought...

     All I can say is if your child has a rash, try cutting this stuff out of their diet and see if it maybe is the problem. The biggest thing though is to tell the schools it is time to stop poisoning our kids and bring back whole milk. It is only 2% more...fat...whole milk is 4%, which is not that much. Cut out the junk at home, leave out the chips, get them off the couch and make them exercise. Shout out to stop poisoning our kids!!