Sunday, April 24, 2016

Giving Pedophiles Access: The Problem With Shared Restrooms

     It doesn't matter  how you feel about opposite gender people using the same public restrooms, no matter what end of the issue you are on, if you care about the youth of today and their safety you will see that it is wrong. This idea puts young children in danger from predators in so many ways. It is not even a moral issue, it is a safety issue that must be addressed.

     Allowing males to enter the female bathroom opens the door to pedophiles being able to enter a restroom of the opposite gender. A pedophile can now just claim to be transgender and viola he enters the girls bathroom. Inside that restroom are young girls, they are someones daughters and they are put in danger because businesses allow males to enter female restrooms.

     This same issue can possibly happen in a male restroom too. A female pedophile claims to be transgender and enters the boys restroom only to prey on the innocent boys using that restroom. Those boys are someones sons.

     If people do not think this is going to happen they they have their heads in the sand. They are blind and they need to wake up before someone's daughter or son is molested while using a public restroom. Is it that important to transgender people to pee in the restroom they feel is their right gender? Really do they want to put innocent children at risk? Do they care more about where they urinate than about the path they pave for perverts?  Pedophiles are wicked, they are evil and they will take advantage of any situation to fill their craving for young people. They look just like everyone else too, they can look like you or like me, they can even dress as a different gender to gain entrance to their victims restroom. They do not care and this will happen now that they have this new freedom.

     So please people, stop and think about the young innocent children who are being placed at risk by allowing males into female restrooms and females into males. It opens way too many doors that should remained closed.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Some People are Walking Cliche's

     I read this saying the other day that got me to thinking: Dating in 2016 is horrible. Everyone lies. Everyone plays games. Everyone cheats. There's no exclusiveness. There's no trust. It's "what have you done for me lately? If I'm unhappy I'll cheat." No staying power. No building together. Who taught us how to love like this?

     My first thought was that this is nothing new, it has been this way for as long as I remember. Yes now days maybe more people split up but that is because it is easier to leave. Society as a whole does not promote monogamy and well, it isn't a shame to cheat and it isn't a shame to lie or split up anymore. It is partly a breakdown of moral values but that is a completely different blog...

     Back to this post I saw, my second thought was that many people are just a walking cliche. They never appreciate what they have and are always looking for something better, for greener pastures. They are the ones who have no staying power, when the going gets tough, the tough get going and they well...just leave. Once they give up what they had they realize that nothing is as it seems and the greener pasture isn't so green after all. So, they want back what they once had. These people always want what they can't have, don't appreciate what they've got until its gone and in the end what they want back might have sailed to a different port. 

     My final thoughts on all of this is that some people just can't be happy, they expect perfection yet are not perfect themselves. They are just never happy with what they have. They always want something different, something better, something more, but they never find happiness.  They want excitement but yet life is not always exciting, it actually can at times be rather dull. So they leave what they have and for a while it is exciting but then that ends and they are back to where they began, looking for something new. 

     So many people don't work at anything because it is just this viscous cycle that goes on and on and they just keep searching endlessly for the greener pasture only to find that the grass is not greener on the other side. It is all the same, just sometimes different shades of green.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Haunting Tumbleweeds on Old Highway 666

     Recently my aunts, my mom and I went to Phoenix, Arizona. We encountered some very strong winds along the stretch of Hwy 491 which is the old Highway 666. Some thought it was the Devil's highway back when it was named 666. I wonder if maybe there are ghosts in those tumbleweeds out there to haunt people as they travel on what used to be a doomed highway. I mean think about it, how can a name simply change a highway from being evil to good. I mean the highway doesn't know that the name change should make it good.

     So on this day as we traveled along, the winds blew ferociously and those tumbleweeds traveled across the highway, the old Devil's Highway, at high speeds. They appeared to be in more of a hurry than we were to get out of that wind. But then maybe that wind was a part of the curse of the highway...Oh wait, it is everywhere though, not just along the old 666. So maybe, just maybe that name has nothing to do with the wind...

     Of course I jest, I know that the wind has nothing to do with the name of the highway and the tumbleweeds are not moving to get out of the wind. But that made it more exciting than saying "hey watch this video of the horrid winds in New Mexico." So, enjoy the wind.

Tumbleweeds on Old Triple 6