Monday, February 20, 2017

Four Year Old Says Pledge of Allegiance:Yes Some Schools Still Honor America This Way

     Over the years I've heard of many schools where it is not longer permissible to say the Pledge of Allegiance. This angers me because well, if the student body wants to say the Pledge of Allegiance they should be allowed to do so. Taking this right from people is no different than forcing someone to say the pledge who does not want to.

     It baffles me how  so many times some people only want the door to swing one way, theirs. If I want to say the pledge I should be able to. People will for sure fight for my right not to say it so why not fight for the right to say it...

     This being said, I actually have never been associated with a school where kids do not say the pledge every morning. Every school my kids attended and every school I have worked,
the kids say the pledge.

     The purpose of this blog is actually not to fight for or against the right of people to say the pledge but to share the fact that some schools still honor our country by saying the pledge and my little four year old grandson attends one of those schools on the Navajo Reservation.

     He wanted to say it for the camera at home one here he is holding my little flag. He said that you put your feet together and your right hand over your heart. He will also learn to say it in Navajo but doesn't know it yet.

     Four Year Old Recites the Pledge