Saturday, February 11, 2017

Colorado the State of Unconstitutional Double Taxatioin

     I have never cared much for the state of Colorado but this year when I filed my income tax return I realized what a total rip-off state it is. I earned my money in New Mexico but Colorado is taxing me for that income too.What is worst of all is that they are taking more of it than New Mexico. What a greedy, crappy state Colorado is.
     I had to leave town for work as a teacher because the pay is better. When I got my income taxes done the other day I learned that even though I did not make a dime in Colorado, they are taxing my income. This goes way beyond wrong. What a violation of the constitution. How can they tax me for money I earned in another state? Isn't it called "income" and shouldn't I only be taxed on income in the state where I earned it?
     Colorado has taxed me higher than the state I earned my money in just for living in the state. I believe that has to be one of the most unconstitutional things ever. I am being double taxed on the money I earned.Talk about a greedy bunch of animals.
     This all got me to thinking of how the middle, working class people are taxed to death. We are taxed to the point of barely surviving. The government, especially Colorado, does not want people to survive, they want to knock you down and kick you once you are down.
     This also got me to thinking, if President Trump wants to really make America great again he needs to make it illegal for states to rip off, cheat and steal from people just because they live there. He also needs to take a look at how difficult it is for the middle class to survive. I would do better if I quit teaching and got a minimum wage job and got on government assistance. You for sure don't get ripped off by the government then. But that is another blog.
     I would love to know who to go to regarding this matter...what public officials can help change this? Is this something that a person could find a lobbyist group to work toward stopping states like Colorado from ripping people off?
     I am struggling to survive and then get socked with I not only struggle to survive, I also feel like I have been robbed by the state in which I live.