Sunday, May 28, 2017

Breast Feeding in Public: There's Nothing Wrong With Modesty

     The hot topic the last year or so has been breast feeding in public. Well I may have an unpopular view but, differing views is what the world is all about right?

     I breast fed both of my sons, breast milk is  healthy for children, it provides them with some very beneficial antibodies the first year of their life. It  is also extremely convenient for the mom. I mean no bottle warming, wake up in the middle of the night and you are ready to feed your baby. It is also a special bonding time for baby and mom. I loved those late night feedings. There are cons to breast feeding, mom is the only one who can feed the baby so it means she gets few breaks and sometimes little sleep. Baby is not always hungry at convenient times so it means feeding in awkward situations which is where the controversy lies.

     Those public feedings is what this post is about. How does a mom handle that? You are in the store, baby cries and mom lactates needing to feed her hungry baby. When I breast fed my sons I would either go to the restroom to feed them or I had a blanket so I could cover myself giving me privacy while I fed my baby. I could not have just plopped my boob out for the world to see. That is the modesty I refer to.

     Now days women just plop out their boob and feed their baby wherever they are. While I disagree whole heatedly that it is a crime and I do not believe they should be ridiculed for breast feeding I do believe there is nothing wrong with showing a little modesty. There is nothing wrong with covering up. It will not harm the child if mom covers up while feeding. Everyone knows what she is doing but she just isn't showing skin.

    Those are my thoughts, maybe I am old fashioned, maybe I am a bit too modest. Whichever the case may be I firmly believe that breast feeding a baby is the best way to go if you are able to. I also believe a woman has the right to do it in public however I think that many agree with me,there is nothing wrong with being modest about it.

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