Saturday, December 26, 2015

A New Look at the Term Happy Holidays

    Prior to Christmas every year I see a lot of people on social media stating that they will be keeping Christ in Christmas by saying "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holiday’s" this Christmas season. While I believe in keeping Christ in Christmas too I also have a different take on the term “Happy Holiday’s”.  This take is not one I have always had but after much thought have come to the realization saying Happy Holidays does not mean you are removing Christ from Christmas.

     When people say Happy Holidays it is usually long before Christmas Day so really it is not actually Christmas. It is close to Christmas, but New Years Day is a holiday celebrated during the winter holiday season too. So in saying Happy Holiday’s many people are celebrating all of the holidays that are near each other.

     Really if you think about it, saying Merry Christmas a week or two before the actual day is kind of silly. Do we wish people Happy Birthday every day before their birthday? No we wait until the day of heir birth, so why say Merry Christmas a week before the actual birth day of Christ? It is not Christmas day on December 23, 24, or even 21. It is the time of Happy Holiday's. 

         Thanksgiving is another reason this issue came to my mind. One day a clerk at the store wished me Happy Holidays a few days before Thanksgiving and I thought that was fitting since it was not yet Thanksgiving Day but close to it.  So I wondered why that same ideology could not apply to Christmas too.

     So before getting offended by the term “Happy Holidays” and think people are removing Christ from Christmas maybe look at it in a new way and just enjoy the holiday season. I do keep Christ in Christmas but I keep him in my life all year, saying Happy Holidays before Christmas Day does not mean He is not a part of Christmas day or the season and it for certain does not mean I am taking Him out of my life.