Sunday, May 21, 2017

Children Should Not Be included in Revolving Relationships

You are probably wondering what a revolving relationship is, it is that relationship that is the most wonderful ever, oh so true, that person someone has been with for hmmm maybe a month or two or possibly even 6. The person that someone moves in with and their children must like him or her too.

This is wrong, a person should never bring someone new into their child's life until that person is a permanent person in their life. It is not fair to the child for parent's to make every new relationship the new "step parent" or live in adult figure. It is important to make sure it lasts before making them a part of your child's life.

I see so many people, mostly women find a new man, move in and expect their children to like him and worse allow him to tell the children what to do, allow him to dictate life and much of the time put him before the kids. Then in a few months the man is history because she has moved on to something else. Enter someone new in the child's life.

This is hard on children and parents really need to stop and think of their kids, put them first, put them before every new Tom, Dick or Harry who enters the picture. And once that person enters the picture for good, make sure he or she knows that he will not take presidence over the kids and he or she is not there to dictate, he is there to care and to love. Any loving person would do that anyhow, it usually is the revolving relationship types who dictate cruelly.

Parents need to love their children more than themselves and their own pleasure. That revolving door should actually hit some of them in the butt and knock sense into them so they will stop including their kids in this harmful environment.