Sunday, May 13, 2018

Adsense New Policies Sign In Trouble

     I went to check my adsense income tonight and found their new policies. I read them and was going to accept them but there is no link or tab to accept. I am tried to find contact information but they have nothing. I feel like I am going in circles.

    Does anyone know how on earth you sign the policies or is their their way of not paying?

     Here is a picture of what I see on my end. It offers me a way to sign out but no way to accept the policies but I have to so I can continue to earn.

     Please help if you can.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Squatters Leave a Mess

    The people who squatted in my house not only left it filthy but when they left the opened every door in the house, all windows and turned the heat up on high. The house is electric so the bill will be very high. While they lived there they ran the electricity bill up too. And since it is in my name I had to pay it. The squatters are responsible for nothing.

     They also had the nerve to take every light bulb in the house. Talk about losers. You move into someones house, live there for free, run up the utilities and then take the light bulbs. WOW.

     One of them also liked to punch walls and did a lot of damage to the walls.

     My house was always clean. I will show the pictures after the squatters were there. I just can't believe people live that way. It is just gross. Thankfully I have someone cleaning it up so will show the after shots too...

+squatters + Colorado
One of the least filthy areas of the house.

Car port, those are cigarette butts.

Dishes in the sink

Disgusting bedroom

Someone likes to hit walls

More wall damage

The livingroom

They even took the light bulbs! 

Squatters Have More Rights than Home Owner

      Yes the title is correct, squatters have more rights than a home owner, at least in Colorado they do. I never thought that was true until I had squatters of my own. Mine were a bit different than your run of the mill squatters but they were squatters none the less.

     Imagine you leave your house for the winter, upon your return you find people living there. You did not invite them, they broke in and took up residency in your home. They have a legal right to be there and you have to evict them.

     The run of the mill squatter is the person who enters a vacant home and takes up residency. Doesn't matter how they get into the home, once they move their stuff in and stay there they have possession of the home and the owner can't even charge them with trespassing.

    The owner has to actually evict the squatters, yes the owner who pays for the home, the utilities etc, has to evict people who break in and live there. The squatters are given 3 days to get out.

     It does not always end there though, if the squatters decide they do not want to leave the owner has to take legal action. Yep the owner has to pay to get them out of their home.

     I was shocked to learn of this, appalled and disgusted that the criminal has more rights than the property owner. But then that is how it is with our society today...pitiful.

    Now on to my squatters...mine is a different type of scenario but they were unwelcome people in my home so squatters nonetheless.

     I moved to Arizona and not being quite ready to sell my home in Colorado allowed my youngest child to live there. A family of squatters took advantage  and gave him this hard luck story, then without my consent moved into my home. When I said it was time for them to get out I was told that I had to evict them. I was livid but had them served with notice. I gave them 7 days to get out. Thankfully they were out in 7 days but they left the house a mess. I cannot believe anyone can actually live in the filth they lived in. But then they were squatters...

    Please if you have your own squatters look this up and seek legal advice. I am not a lawyer, I am only going on my own experience.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Don't Go With Sprint if You Want Good Service: Inadequate is Ok By Them!

     I used to have a cell phone contract but went with Straight Talk and was totally pleased not having a contract. But my son went with Sprint because he wanted an iPhone, He asked me to take one of the phones but I did not really want to...well the lousy service and high cost is why.

     Sprint has constant dropped calls, our texts do not always go through, there are areas where they are not deliverable. This is in the city where my son was promised great service. So we have been trying to cancel the service because it is so substandard...

     Tonight we were told that the signal is fair by tech support. I was sent to customer service and we were told by a manager that the service is not inadequate enough to allow us to cancel the contract. Hmmm so what is inadequate enough? I mean that is a far cry from great.... what they promised!

     So for Sprint inadequate is good enough, fair signal is ok. It is fine if the people you call can't hear you or calls are dropped as a norm. Texts don't send and oh yea, the GPS only works if you have a cell signal. They charge a huge monthly fee for bad service and they are ok with that! They wont' even discount their fees.

    We are stuck since they do not care that their service is extremely lousy, so once the contract is up we will not renew but then maybe they don't care...they get you to pay a huge amount of money for poor service..not caring that you are upset even when you tell them you will not renew.....they must make enough that they do not need repeat service.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Review: Bahama Bucks

     When I first tried Bahama Bucks I thought it was ok. I was not super impressed but my mom and aunts love it. They make sure to go every time they are in the Mesa/Phoenix Arizona area.

With Cream
     So I decided when we were in Mesa a year ago to give it another try. I learned that I LOVE Bahama Bucks and the Bahama Mama Rama.

     What is a Bahama Mama Rama you ask?? Well it is a different kind of shaved ice treat. You get ice cream and then the shaved ice and flavoring and then you get a cream on top of the shaved ice. At first I thought it was the cream I did not like but, the other day I accidentally had them put it on and I determined that I love it!
Without Cream

     I have moved to the Surprise Arizona area and sadly we do not have a Bahama Bucks nearby...I love it so much though that I make it a point to get one whenever I am in the Mesa or Phoenix area. I have to drive an hour but it is worth it.

     I discovered a location that is only 33 miles form me in Laveen, AZ so now I go there when I am not taking a trip to Mesa. Yes I make a special trip to get a Bahama Mama Rama. It is that good! I enjoy it that much!

     I think my favorite location is on Southern in Mesa though because you put the little umbrella in the post outside showing your love of their treats.

     I need to try some of their other wonderful looking treats but I am a creature of habit and since I have to go so far to get one I tend to get what I know I love.

     If you are ever in the Phoenix area be sure to check out Bahama Bucks and try a Bahama Mama Rama!!

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If Teachers Only Worked During the Time they Get Paid Lessons and Grading Would Be Ineffective

      As a teacher my thoughts have been turned toward how it might look if teachers only worked the hours they are "clocked" to work like other working class folks.

     Most people go to work, do a great job at work, put in their hours and go home. Once they are off the clock, they are off the clock. They get to go home and either take care of the responsibilities home life brings or go have fun. They are able to spend time with family and enjoy life.

     It is a different picture for teaches. They go to work early so that they can run copies, pick up around the room and prepare for the day. They work their tails off all day to keep on top of things. Yes they get prep time but it is usually a whopping 35-40 minutes where they run to the restroom - because teachers have to learn to hold it most of the day. They try to plan lessons and grade papers but really that small window of time is not enough to really get much done. Many times they have meetings and other commitments during this precious planning time. Then comes the 30 minute lunch where they also rush to the restroom, find some time to eat, don't drink liquids for fear of needing to pee and just take a much needed brain break. Then its back to the rest of the day where they teach and manage their classroom. The bell rings, the kids leave and they run copies and grade papers until well past their contract time. Finally after wearing tired of the classroom they pack up a bag, take papers home to grade and post. Sometimes this takes until 7 or 8 at night....

     Weekends are just as eventful. They get to enjoy one day, sometimes two but before the weekend is over it is time to lesson plan. This can take hours depending on the resources available.

     "But they get afternoons in many schools free of students." Yes they do but, those are meant for professional development. Those are times the teachers go to school. There is no planing time written in for teachers those days. Actually there is in most districts no actual planning or lesson time written into the day. The small chunks of time are simply not enough to effectively plan and grade.

     If a teacher only worked the hours that are paid lessons might not get written, assignments would not get graded or posted and well, the class would be in complete chaos. Nothing would get done.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Review: User Beware-Looking for Cell Service? Sprint is Not the Way to Go

     I was free of a cell phone contract and not really excited to get into another one. I was happy with my straight talk even though sometimes I could not make calls when I moved to my new home. I was always able to use my data and send a text. My calls never dropped in my car, just inside my home.

     My son had purchased a Sprint contract because he was promised great cell service at a great price. Hmm famous last dishonest words in my opinion. He was told it was only $138 a month but that is before all of their fees which make it $198 a month.

     He talked me into joining him on his plan. So I did. It is the worst service ever! Calls are dropped constantly, many times you can't even send a text and most of the time the data does not work. Then there is the GPS service which will drop in the middle of the city for no reason.

     He has tried to get out of the contract because of the extremely poor service but recently was told since he is in a service area he cannot get out of the contract.

     However three months ago when he began complaining he was told by one of the Sprint employees if he did this BIOS thing on the phones and that did not work he could be released from the contract. That was a lie.

     When he called to tell Sprint that the BIOS thing did not work he was told that he could get an amplifier to make the phones work better in the house. That the service in our area is weak. Hmm don't people get cell phones so they work everywhere not just at home? If that was what we wanted we would get a landline.

     He told them that calls drop all of the time, sometimes you cant' even make a call. Texts don't send much of the time and data doesn't work often. The GPS thing is also an issue.

     So yet after another call they said to report to the opt out e-mail system. He did that and was told since there is service at the house he cannot be released from the contract.

     Sprint is not about customer satisfaction! We are not satisfied customers at all. It is the worst service ever. The phones should work outside of a Sprint area, they do not. You should be able to text or make calls but are not most times even in the Sprint area. I know with Verizon even when you are outside of their service area your phone works because they bounce off other towers. Not with Sprint, your phone does not bounce off the towers, at least ours don't.

     Many times I have needed my GPS to get places in the city only to have it go out on me. That is very bad on the freeway because it will not connect again until I pull off to find a place with wifi so I can connect. I never once had that happen with Verizon or Straight talk.

     When I call places now I tell them my number right away in case the call is dropped. Then I tell them I have Sprint. They just say I need say nothing more, they have the same issues with Sprint and know all well how poor the service is.

     We are stuck with 6 more months of this lousy service so will be throwing away $1600 more on something that does not work properly.

     I am here to tell all who read this not to get Sprint, their service is pathetic and they do not wish to satisfy customers.They don't care if calls drop on a regular basis, sometimes you are not even able to call out. You call somewhere and are put on hold only to have the call drop just when the person answers, texts do not send much of the time, data rarely works and GPS signal is poor. They do not care. They hold you to the contract for substandard service. I will be so glad to be done with them and again stress those who want good cell service to look elsewhere!