Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Long Lost Friend

     Many years ago in a time far away I had this friend, I had this very good friend,this very close friend who I cared about very much. In this time far away my friend and I did a lot of fun things. We went to the lake one time and used Crisco Oil as tanning lotion thinking it would really help us tan. Well it did not help at all, we fried like uh well, french fries. It was hilarious.

     My friend from long ago and I were there for each other through the heartbreaks of young love. We cried on each others shoulders as our hearts were of course broken. She was then there for me later on when I got married and served in my wedding as Maid of Honor.

     We were there for each other as we both were heartbroken at not being able to have children. Then one day I got pregnant and she not long after my first child was born got the call that there was a baby for her to adopt.

     Our children grew up together. We took them to storytime at the library, went swimming, hiking, on picnics and had many play dates at each others houses.  We shared our joys and tribulations of parenting. My youngest son was a part of the fun when he came along.

     When our kids were in their teens they drifted apart but my friend and I remained close. Time would pass where we didn't get to talk much, months sometimes, but then we would get together and it would be like old times. When I really needed a friend, she was always there for me. I tried to be there for her as well.

     Then one day a couple of years ago for some unknown reason she decided she no longer wanted to be my friend. There had been some stuff posted on my Facebook wall about some stuff that she got upset about but it was nothing I thought of as major and I did not post some of it. It was then she unfriended me on Facebook and I was rather shocked. I tried to apologize for the post and let her know that it was not even aimed at her. But she did not accept my apology.

     It was not that she just unfriended me on Facebook that bothered me, it was that she removed me from her life. At Christmas I decided to send her a message and just tell her Merry Christmas and that I was sorry she hated me. She just said that she had decided it was time for us to go our separate ways. To this day I still do not know why. I still wonder what happened in our friendship for her to throw away 32 years of friendship. Did she need me at one time and I wasn't there? Did I need her too much? I have no clue.

     I try not to think about my long lost friend much, I try to just put her in my past but sometimes it is hard and sometimes I miss the friendship. I miss just calling her to chat, I miss going to get a coke, I miss the friendship we had.

     I wish I knew why she decided she no longer wants to be friends, but she has washed me from her life, it makes me sad however I do not dwell on it. I do have great memories and maybe someday she will decide to be friends again, I do not know. I just know I miss that long lost friend ....